Mar 20, 2014

If I could get paid....

I read Krysten's post this morning and it jumped at me as an opportunity to share alittle more about "April" other than my workout routine.

So, if someone were to fund me or give me the opportunity I would:

Organize people's homes.

I know its a real business out there now, and there are people who do it fulltime.  I cringe when I see people post pictures of their closets or a room in disarray. Not that it is dirty or anything, but my eyes immediately go to the clutter corners or the stacked books not in an identifiable order or theme.

Call it what you will, perhaps it would be an attempt to capitalize on my OCD preferences?  If someone wanted to pay me for it, why not? ha!  Now don't assume I live in a prestine hotel looking like home because the truth is that I have three, err two children and a husband who cannot wrap their heads about order. I think I married and birthed the wrong family because this logical thinking stuff did not get passed down. 
Although now that I think about it, my son does keep his Lego booklets in a baggie set aside from the Legos in case he wants to rebuild a specific item

And my daughter does line up her shoes and alpha blocks correctly.

So I have some hope for the little ones, but that big guy in the house? He's the holdout and knocks me down a notch.  I think he does it on purpose to see me get anxious when he purposely turns the cans around in the pantry so I can't see the label.

But see, if it was someone else's home or office that is WANTING the help, then yes...I'm their girl.

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