Mar 11, 2014

"In His Bag"

I have to admit I've drunk the meal-prep koolaid.
I blame Instagram.

So much so that I looked forward to my new Sunday routine and focused so much on that, that the weeknight dinners are second thoughts.  This may be a good thing, with quality healthy lunches prepped, our dinners aren't so heavy or a main focus anymore.  Good for Hubs and I, maybe not so good for the kids. ha!

This week in Hub's Bag
  • Spicy Tilapia with Sugar Snap Peas and brown rice (x2)
  • Fajita Chicken breast tenders with sauteed peppers, brown rice, and a zesty broccoli normandy mix (x2)
  • Either lunch with a side salad
In April's Bag
  • 2cups of green salad with 3oz turkey, 2oz of cottage cheese (x2)
  • Plain tuna with 2oz cottage cheese and 5grape tomatoes (x2)
  • 2cups of green salad with fajita chicken breast tender topped with salsa. (x1)
**the food items listed here are simply the prepared food items and does not include snacks of protein shakes, pumpkin seeds, yogurt (his) and fruit.

So....what's in your bag today?



  1. I would love to meal prep "in theory". Sadly, my meal prep usually consists of what I make the night before and throw into a tupperware. Or a sammich. On Sundays (my lazy, stay in jammies all day-day) the last thing I want to do is cook. /sigh. I need a personal chef.

  2. Looks good! I love meal prepping too, makes my weeks SO much easier!


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