Mar 26, 2014

It is all a gimmick....

A pyramid scheme
A 'direct marketing' scheme

whatever you want to call it,  I'm calling it out.
Yeah you...

This whole fitness "industry" game. All of it, they must be in cahoots together. 

How else do you explain the monopoly they have on some of us? our wallets?

This came to me after Shaun T kicked my arss yesterday with HipHopsAbs and I wanted to tweet something clever like

"@ShaunT, you owe me three Advils and a massage or foam rolling session. 8pm, k?
 #SoreAsHell #AllYourFault"

But then I realized, I can't blame him completely.  I know I've tweeted out a curse or two at Jillian, or Tony, even the crazy Brazillian Butts guy.

The scam?

Shaun/Tony/Jillian/trainers   = sore body
sore body = foam rollers and ibuprofen
foam rollers = shopping in sports store = new workout clothes
new workout clothes = gotta hit the gym to show them off
showing gym clothes off = selfies at the gym for instagram
Instagram to check for 'likes' = scrolling through and seeing other inspiration
inspired = working out twice as hard tomorrow.

So maybe it isn't a pyramid

I think its more like a tree with my journey to look and feel good being the trunk of the tree and each branch is one of those things listed.

The "Shaun T" branch
Jillian's branch
Tony's branch
The makers of Advil (who am I kidding, the generics of Advil I mean!)
The makers of foam rollers
Glyder apparel
Compression apparel
Tek Gear
so on and so forth.

They just all together make this huge canopy of tree branches and leaves.

Which I guess is doing their job in making this 'trunk' that I am all the more stronger and healthy.

damn...this was supposed to be a conspiracy against me type of post, instead I think I just justified their covert operation.

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  1. Hmm you may be onto something here! They are all in cahoots, I tell ya!


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