Mar 10, 2014

"Make it so" Monday

I'm going to proactively share my intended week here....hoping that by saying it outloud, it will be.

Make it so, April.

Yes, Captain!

For the last two weeks I've started off really strong with a good productive run and excitement over a new faster speed each time, but by Wednesday or Thursday I end up blowing it all off and averaging out my week not to pumped.  Remember back in November when I was hitting 20miles a week and the idea of a half-marathon wasn't even a twinkle of an idea?  Now that I actually have been working on that goal, I can't average more than a 12mile week?  wth?

So this week I'm going to put it out there in advance, and lets hope that Friday's weekly recap will be a 'mission accomplished' kind of recap?

Monday - (AM) 4miles ~8:42mph! PR~ + (PM) P90X Core  = CHECK
Tuesday - (AM) 3miles + Legs
Wednesday  - (AM) Arms and back + (PM) Insanity
Thursday - (AM) 3.5-4miles + (PM) Zumba30 + Yoga stretch
Friday -  (AM) 2mile hills/incline work + (PM) Jillian Michael's Circuit

No PM planned for tomorrow because I'll be busy getting my boobs squished thanks to my mom's recent scare and the nastigram reminder letter that I got for missing the last two followups.  I'm a bad patient...I was too busy gestating and then nursing a new human. I think I get a bye.

(sorry folks...I've been in a Trekkie mood lately) 


  1. Awesome PR this morning! What a great way to start the week :)

    I do what I want.


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