Mar 17, 2014

Mama days...

Here's a hint folks…if I'm not working at the legit job, then I'm not popping in here either :)

Instead of my normal FollowThroughFriday post, I was busy doing the mama thing.

Friday was a random fun day for the Kiddo as the last day of spring break and well I had to be a chauffeure to make it happen.  He went to his first ever professional sports game!! Kiddo and I share one thing, a love of the SPURS! (Dad just doesn't understand at all!) so it was a double surprise and blessing that his friend invited him to go to a game with his family.

Kiddo got to watch the Spurs-Lakers game on Friday night and it was an awesome experience for the boys to do together (although I was jealous as hell!)  The catch was that I had to get him to the friend's house at 11am, which is too early to go into Austin for the morning, and well…who wants to go into work after noon on a Friday??

I was a good girl though….and got up and got my run on at 4am like scheduled.

I'm on my phone so I can't copy it over, but I hit my schedule perfectly other than missing arm day on Wednesday.

This week I'm still trying to decide how hard to hit it.  I have to do another round of blood tests on Friday and I'm going to eliminate any protein shakes this week to ensure the results aren't inflated because of that. 

I will post this week's schedule tomorrow instead of a food related post, or perhaps I'll combo it up..hmmm.

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