Mar 3, 2014

Race Recap: Neighborhood 5K (March 1st)

I may have mentioned it slightly in between all my whining last week, or not.

I had our local school's PTA 5K this past weekend.  My kiddo (9yr old) and I did it last year in the bitter cold and accidentally got registered for the 1K fun run instead. It all worked out last year because I had to push a stroller without any warning, alongside a shivering cold 8yr old.  So this year was our year of redemption against the cold of last year, right?

First of all, Kiddo has had some hip issues lately...going on three months now that he's struggling with.  We've had it xrayed and he had two weeks of gym excuse, but it is still plaguing him :(  I am getting slightly worried, it isn't normal for a very active 9yr old boy to need a heating pad and me helping massage his quad and hip so he can sleep at night.  He has soccer starting up later this month and he's getting upset that he won't be able to run.

So he was out for the run, but he joined me to support his friends and be my buddy at the finish line. 

Even though my buddy was with me, it was going to be a different experience for me in more than one way.  In the few pictures of me, you've likely noticed I wear glasses.  I have contacts but don't get to wear them regularly because of the allergies in Austin, but I do always wear them outside for running or anything outdoors.  Yeah, my last pair tore on Tuesday so I was stuck running with my glasses.  That sucks anytime because sweat makes them run down your nose or sweat makes them get spotty and you end up winking and blinking your way though that spot.

The skies must have known I was stuck running with glasses and they must have thought 'why we can't make this too easy on April, can we?' No, no no.

Result?  The most intense fog and mist the city has seen in likely a year!? Sure it wasn't bone chilling cold, but instead it was soupy thick humid air and mist. Mist? glasses? humidity? you see where this is going, don't you?
Alrighty then.
Despite the mist, fog, humidity and glasses I trekked on and ran my 4th official 5K of the year.  Two virtuals and then February and March outdoor.  I vowed not to walk any of it, but reality sunk in that my treadmill training and practices don't prepare me or my lungs for that kind of weather.  So I had to slow my roll a couple times, but I tried not to for more than a couple seconds at a time.

Total time?  33.17
And I have to pat myself on the is faster than my February outdoor run by almost three minutes AND I did walk alittle bit AND it was in less than ideal conditions for me.

My original tentative plan was for an outdoor 10mile run at the end of the month, which is literally 4 weekends away.  But after the reality of my breathing and lack of regular experience outside, I'm going to push that goal out alittle bit and focus on getting outside more often.  I've gotten up to 8miles on the treadmill, but outdoors and with the hills, is totally different.  So my goal is to get up to a 10K OUTSIDE by the end of the month.

Once that experience gets more comfortable I will look at the schedule for the next increment.

That was my Saturday, and lets just say it was the easier day of my weekend!
 I had volunteered to help my mom babysit my two nieces on Sunday.  She had volunteered before her surgery and thought she'd be up for it, but I volunteered to help her out...and it was so very needed. OMG 3 little girls under the age of 4?  Yep, I drank alot of coffee and was eager to return to work today to rest.

true story.

*PS* Mom's surgery results and pathology report turned out wonderfully. 
Nothing to fret about now....other than her focus on my upcoming derm and mammogram appointments.

Thank you for everyone's emails and comments!!


  1. So glad all is well with your mom! I have the same problem with working out in glasses. Ugh. I go through phases where all I want to wear is contacts and then back to glasses. Currently in a glasses mood but you are right. Working out with them sucks.

    Hope your son's hip is better. Could it be growing pains?

  2. Way to go!! You gotta be proud of that:) I'm itching to run outside, we've had 50 days BELOW zero here in Mn. 50. Ridiculous...


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