Mar 18, 2014

Top o' the Tuesday...

Alrighty, the title was my only homage to St. Patrick's Day.  No longer an obligatory Guinness or green beer kind of girl (truthfully its been 12years since those days) and now the only obligation for the day is to harp on the family to make sure to wear green.

I was supposed to plan out my week for you me yesterday but was not near my workout calendar (at work) and here it is Tuesday, my 2nd day of my workout week, and I think I've already fallen off the plan.

Monday - 4miles running 6miles cycling + 1.5miles on stairmaster
Tuesday - 4miles running 2.5miles running + Shoulders and back + P90X Back and Biceps (PM)
Wednesday - 5 miles + T25 Cardio(PM)
Thursday - 3miles + Leg Day + Zumba (PM)
Friday  - 4miles + T25 Upper Focus/Total circuit (PM)

My updated macros are offkilter this week as well.  I changed my repeat labwork to Friday and have decided to not use any supplemental protein drinks or shakes or whatnot.  Simply using my regular foods and regular vitamins that are standard for me year round, I  want to make sure any labwork readings are valid and now inflated or skewed because of the supplemental protein sources.

Basically I am hoping that the bloodwork comes back clean and invaliding the original set.

Oh and as promised....

This week "In His Bag":
Ginger marinaded chicken breast ontop of a combination of sauteed squash and peppers with green lentils and brown rice. Side salad and a yogurt


  1. Good idea about forgo-ing the protein. Geez, that didn't even occur to me when I did a full blood workup for my upcoming doctor appointment. DUH.

    Food sounds delish and don't sweat missing those few things. You can make those up!

  2. Loving the nicer weather here and outside runs, hopefully you are too and that will motivate you the rest of the week!

    I do what I want.


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