Apr 28, 2014

I kicked it....

This weekend's ass that is.

I always forget how awesome I feel when the sugar cravings are gone and the clarity and focus returns.  I am damn proud of myself for starting the detox last Friday, that means the carb-migraines and detox are on their way out and today should be a good day.

My weekends are typically my cheat or my 'oops' days that I come in and fess to on Mondays....not today though.

I have not had a single piece of chocolate since Thursday evening.

Holy friggin farfegnugen!?
Since Friday, my carb macros have been on point or under and I've been the master of tracking 100%  again.  Down to the handful of pumpkin seeds that I didn't measure.

Am I pumped for this week? Hell yeah. 

I was pumped enough to even post my face on IG today??
And you know that means it is a good day.

Let's do this people!

Apr 25, 2014

Today is my Monday (#FTF)

Check out the rest of the crew or find the master list at one of the awesome blog-gurus! 

I'll share the quick run down of how crappy I did this week. No solid excuses, I'm owning up to that.  Yes I have worked through my lunch cardio classes to manage the house sale and purchase, daycare search, had a kid at the doctor twice this week, one broken toe, three days of 101 fevers, two days of migraines and one overslept mother who took nyquil.

No excuses though, because I could have pushed and forced myself to workout in the remaining hours of the day, but I failed myself.

Monday - 3.55miles (34:13!)
Tuesday - Arm/Chest
Wednesday - slackerday
Thursday - slackerday

So all of the post to this point was prepped yesterday afternoon.  But when I logged on at like 10pm last night to confess my sins and whine and make excuses, I had enough.  I hated my own posts the last couple weeks.

It seems like every Friday post lately is a repeat, a deja vu...recycled from the week's prior whiny vent.

I've annoyed myself to the point of pissing myself off.

So I went to bed with a plan last night.

Today is MY MONDAY.

Friday - 5.0miles
Before 5:30am. 
"boom goes the dynomite"

Back and shoulders are scheduled for lunch.

I'm not going to splurge over the weekend and "start fresh (again) on Monday" bs...because I've posted that, I've said that, I've DONE that way too many times recently. 
This cycle is stopping.

This time, this weekend isn't a last free for all, but a detox weekend and serious meal prep.

What helped slap me out of denial?


You know what means??
I got my email about my next Betty Rocker Challenge and it starts May 1st!
"Fat Amy" will return to commiserate with me about the new challenge Bree and the partner trainer kick our butts with.

so with that, I will return to my water chugaluggin'

Apr 22, 2014

"On The Table": Grilling

I realized that I haven't had time or motivation to type or share anything food related recently.  Notably it has been since the house purge and staging for the sale last month....and while the level of impractical clean has reduced a little, I still don't get to mess it up to its full potential quite yet.

Having to resort to quick cleanup and minimal dishes cooking isn't a bad thing, but it has limited variety.  Luckily with our healthier habits, routine and repeat meals is somewhat expected.  So instead of a fandangled recipe to share, I thought I'd share what we've been doing the last couple weeks that have allowed me to keep my kitchen impossibly clean?

I have to admit that I do live in "God's Country" (aka TEXAS) and am blessed to be able to grill outdoors 11.5months of the year.  An additional blessing is that I have a propane gas grill for my weeknight cooking, and we reserve the charcoal grilling to when Hubs is in a carnivorous mood.

That healthier habits I mentioned?  I have gotten the family on board with the basics of a protein, two vegetables and a bonus starch or carb sometimes.  The boys would obviously love a carb every time, but I like to keep them on their toes and make it a treat. Muhaha.

How many different ways can you grill chicken on a grill?
Let me count the ways.... 
(all homemade spices, nothing packaged due to MSG)
lemon pepper
cilantro lime
marinated in onions and olive oil
barbque sauce

Honestly I use a variety of the same 'flavorings' on fish or shrimp and use a fish basket for grilled fish or simply lay a piece of aluminum foil down for shrimp.  Beef is easier with bunless burgers, moroccan spiced 'kifta', or steaks on rare occasions are all awesome on the grill.

A simple favorite that you may have seen repeatedly on my 'meal prep' sunday pictures is a bunch of roasted peppers or veggies.  Your protein doesn't need much flavoring if its smothered in vegetables already.

Add a huge green salad (one that easily provides my lunches out of the leftovers) and a 2nd veggie and you set!

What is your favorite marinade or flavoring for your proteins? 
 Anyone else grill as much as we do? 

Apr 21, 2014

A Vicious cycle...

I think it must have been my turn to miss out on the Follow-Through-Friday linkup (again).  I had it prepped, but somehow thought I'd get more sweating done to brag post about.
Check out Aubrey at alguninterrupted.blogspot.com

Last week like so many, started off strong with solid numbers and good eating....but come Wednesday I was in a chocolate frenzy and couldn't stop.
I have a problem.

I'm very tempted to bust out the scale and get an idea of where I am, because I don't trust this whole 'feeling your progress' right now. I feel awesome, so awesome and so famished after running and double-workouts that I feel justified in stuffing my face of all the chocolate I've scoured the building for.

So let me break down what I actually did do:

Monday - 10.79miles on bike  + HipHopAbs Cardio (PM)
Tuesday - 3.1miles (new PR!) + 2mile walk (PM)
Wednesday - 2.36miles on incline of 12/12(AM)
Thursday -  35minute Zumba(PM)
Friday - day off.

If I were in school, I would have failed for the week with only a 60% completion rate.  I wouldn't be so upset with myself for that if it weren't for the reality of the bad eating combined with it.

It seems this is a cycle, every Sunday night I end up pissed and cranky about how far I fell off over the weekend.  But I've decided that I need a challenge to keep me motivated and accountable.  Even if its just a plank a day/squats a day or whatever kind of deal....I will be doing something for the month of May.  I will be busy getting this house packed up and will need to keep myself charged with something even if I can't get some miles in due to the schedule.

Apr 15, 2014

Reality check

Last night I caught myself in the mirror and while I wasn't scared of what I saw, I wasn't exactly impressed either.

I said last week that I'm okay about the scale and lack of dramatic improvements, but something was said yesterday that stung.

'Well, you work out all the time....but I can't see a difference?'
My initial girl-self-esteem response wanted to be:

But then I felt challenged....and nobody wants to challenge April.

And then I checked myself again, I'm not doing this for that person to notice. I'm not doing it for anyone to 'notice' anything.  I'm doing this for me.

If anyone knew me in high school, the words 'athletic' or 'runner' would have been laughed at by everyone including me.  I quit tennis and swimming teams when I hit varsity level and the coaches made us start running.  I wanted to do the bare minimum and just play, not work on endurance or strength.  I quit.

If anyone knew me in college, the only words that would come to mind is 'workaholic' and 'busy student.'  I did not take college lightly since I was paying for it 100%.  I did it all with cold hard earned money, and graduated with zero debt and zero life.  I worked to pay the bills, and I studied.  I slept only if necessary.

My journey to lose 60pounds, have two kids, rehabilitate from a serious injury, and continue to get stronger and stronger, this is all for ME.

So to anyone who can't see any results of this hard work?

You don't get to see me repeatedly run 4miles all in one session in under 40minutes (and LOVE it!)
You don't get to see me confidently busting butt in the gym wearing a tanktop and sports bra without discomfort.
You don't get to see my logsheets (phone app) that shows increasing weight amounts and faster and faster run times.
You don't get to see me checking out my own muscles and lines in the privacy of my own bathroom.
You can't deny my work just because I am modest and keep covered (time and place people!)

This is for me and I know....

Apr 11, 2014

Follow-Through-Friday #12

It is #FTF (Follow-Through-Friday) with my newest buds!

Sadly this will be short and sweet, not as short and sweet as last week, but still behind my norm.

The difference this week is that I feel okay about pulling back to about 60% of my normal schedule.

I wake up and feel good in my skin.
In myself.

Maybe it is the 'happy pills' or whatnot, but I'm feeling comfortable with my progress or lack of right now since I have everything in the world going on simultaneously with the house selling, sick kid last week, house buying, fulltime work, broken dryer, soccer mom, and my workout routine.

Monday - 3.10miles (AM)
Tuesday - nada
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - 4.0miles (AM) + Zumba 
Friday - T25 Ab Circuit (PM)

So instead of dwelling on the fact the negatives of the week, like that I only worked out 4 out of my usual 10, I'm going to have a mind reboot to the positives:

1. Both runs this week had awesome times.  I hit the 5K mark both days under 29minutes,
 with Thursday's run at 28:23.

2. That my PolarLoop reflected Thursday's total calorie burn of 3026 calories.
3. Knowing that I skipped workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday due to errands at lunchtime and mental exhaustion, I kept food choices on point.

4. That while chained to the work desk, I managed to hit 100oz of water everyday this week.

5. That for mental breaks, I got to walk outside for pleasure and fresh vitamin D instead of the hustle and bustle of exercise walking speed.

Onward and upward(preferably downward) into a new week!

Have a great weekend!
 While I'm busying packing boxes and sneaking items into the trash from the kids rooms, what is everyone else doing?

Make me jealous with your weekend!

Apr 8, 2014

Remember when....

I mentioned we were putting the house on the market?

Replace 'evening' with 'week' and it is a perfect gif.

Things are progressing accordingly.

So bear with me if I go MIA right now....

But all is well.

Apr 3, 2014

I shimmied and scooted

I'm losing track of my days since being home with a sick littleone. I seriously thought it was Wednesday until I checked my reading backlog and noticed all the TBT posts. duh.

I have to admit that I just left the McDonald's play area for the 2nd time this week since Monday. Yuck, but yeah I have limited options near the house when they call and say the magic words of 'time for a showing?'  Normally this would not be an issue, my normal day would have LittleOne breathing well and at daycare and me getting my lunchtime cardio class done at work.  Who knew that the first two days of putting the house on the market would include an asthma attack and fevers, which means this Doctor Mom is in the house.

I don't share pictures too often especially for TBTs, but something happened today at McDonald's that made me reminiscence to the 'old April,' and thought it would apply to the Thursday theme of  Throwback.

I faced the reality of a long standing fear I used to have.
It was the fear that set me off in this journey to better myself.   

Being home with a sick kiddo and showing the house does not mix well, but luckily we have that McDonald's play area just down the road to entertain her.  You see, normally we are with big brother who takes pride in his title and does very well, but today it was just her and me.

And today, a premonition from almost 2006 happened.  LittleOne had a freak out at the top of the play scape. No hero brother around left who? Yep, me.  I had to climb up there myself.

And that is precisely what I thought of way back when in 2006.  I had a 18month old boy who didn't have a hero older brother.  This situation is precisely why I made the choice to change myself. I didn't want to be the parent on the outside and needing help because I was scared to get stuck. I used to be afraid that people would look at me thinking I was lazy or uninterested in my kids, but the reality was that I was always scared to get stuck in something or even worse, break something.

But today as LittleOne and I giggled our way back down from the top of that germ invested playscape, I was not met with affirming smiles from other moms who've been in my position. I was met with snobbery and side-eyes. What??
It caught me off guard, but then I remembered who I was in 2006.... and I probably would have not been so eager to give a kudos to that mom either.  I would have felt guilt.  Guilty that the old me couldn't have done that, the old me would have been too embarrassed to even try to shimmy up there.

So I have to convince myself that it is envy or guilt. Envy that I overcame that fear (in addition to my 60lb loss) and didn't hesitate to squeeze and shimmy up the playscape to get my LittleOne to squeal and smile again. And guilt, that they haven't had their 'aha' moment to make that change if necessary.

So to you McDonalds mamas giving me the glare down? 

Just wait....you may get the same message eventually and then you will never judge anyone no matter their size. You don't know anyone's story or background.


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