Apr 21, 2014

A Vicious cycle...

I think it must have been my turn to miss out on the Follow-Through-Friday linkup (again).  I had it prepped, but somehow thought I'd get more sweating done to brag post about.
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Last week like so many, started off strong with solid numbers and good eating....but come Wednesday I was in a chocolate frenzy and couldn't stop.
I have a problem.

I'm very tempted to bust out the scale and get an idea of where I am, because I don't trust this whole 'feeling your progress' right now. I feel awesome, so awesome and so famished after running and double-workouts that I feel justified in stuffing my face of all the chocolate I've scoured the building for.

So let me break down what I actually did do:

Monday - 10.79miles on bike  + HipHopAbs Cardio (PM)
Tuesday - 3.1miles (new PR!) + 2mile walk (PM)
Wednesday - 2.36miles on incline of 12/12(AM)
Thursday -  35minute Zumba(PM)
Friday - day off.

If I were in school, I would have failed for the week with only a 60% completion rate.  I wouldn't be so upset with myself for that if it weren't for the reality of the bad eating combined with it.

It seems this is a cycle, every Sunday night I end up pissed and cranky about how far I fell off over the weekend.  But I've decided that I need a challenge to keep me motivated and accountable.  Even if its just a plank a day/squats a day or whatever kind of deal....I will be doing something for the month of May.  I will be busy getting this house packed up and will need to keep myself charged with something even if I can't get some miles in due to the schedule.

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  1. Yea, I'm sitting here staring down some Easter candy that we got at work and trying to decide a) if I REALLY want it or b) if I should trash it or c) if I can keep myself to only one piece a day or d) dive head first into the entire bag.

    Right now I"m toying with option c but I could totally dive head first in to the entire bag.


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