Apr 22, 2014

"On The Table": Grilling

I realized that I haven't had time or motivation to type or share anything food related recently.  Notably it has been since the house purge and staging for the sale last month....and while the level of impractical clean has reduced a little, I still don't get to mess it up to its full potential quite yet.

Having to resort to quick cleanup and minimal dishes cooking isn't a bad thing, but it has limited variety.  Luckily with our healthier habits, routine and repeat meals is somewhat expected.  So instead of a fandangled recipe to share, I thought I'd share what we've been doing the last couple weeks that have allowed me to keep my kitchen impossibly clean?

I have to admit that I do live in "God's Country" (aka TEXAS) and am blessed to be able to grill outdoors 11.5months of the year.  An additional blessing is that I have a propane gas grill for my weeknight cooking, and we reserve the charcoal grilling to when Hubs is in a carnivorous mood.

That healthier habits I mentioned?  I have gotten the family on board with the basics of a protein, two vegetables and a bonus starch or carb sometimes.  The boys would obviously love a carb every time, but I like to keep them on their toes and make it a treat. Muhaha.

How many different ways can you grill chicken on a grill?
Let me count the ways.... 
(all homemade spices, nothing packaged due to MSG)
lemon pepper
cilantro lime
marinated in onions and olive oil
barbque sauce

Honestly I use a variety of the same 'flavorings' on fish or shrimp and use a fish basket for grilled fish or simply lay a piece of aluminum foil down for shrimp.  Beef is easier with bunless burgers, moroccan spiced 'kifta', or steaks on rare occasions are all awesome on the grill.

A simple favorite that you may have seen repeatedly on my 'meal prep' sunday pictures is a bunch of roasted peppers or veggies.  Your protein doesn't need much flavoring if its smothered in vegetables already.

Add a huge green salad (one that easily provides my lunches out of the leftovers) and a 2nd veggie and you set!

What is your favorite marinade or flavoring for your proteins? 
 Anyone else grill as much as we do? 

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