Apr 8, 2014

Remember when....

I mentioned we were putting the house on the market?

Replace 'evening' with 'week' and it is a perfect gif.

Things are progressing accordingly.

So bear with me if I go MIA right now....

But all is well.


  1. Oh man you are making me nervous when the time comes to put our house on the market! Acck! Hopefully you will get some bites soon and it will all be over with asap!

  2. This made me giggle, sorry! When we put our house on the market, we were also building a house. Funny how 2 weeks after we started building the housing market crashed, and then I found out I was pregnant (we werent planning on another) and I was also doing daycare. Stressed much?? lol

    1. oh dear lord, you win!!
      I'm nervous enough about all the little expenses that you forget add up with a new house and move!

      Thanks for visiting!


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