Apr 25, 2014

Today is my Monday (#FTF)

Check out the rest of the crew or find the master list at one of the awesome blog-gurus! 

I'll share the quick run down of how crappy I did this week. No solid excuses, I'm owning up to that.  Yes I have worked through my lunch cardio classes to manage the house sale and purchase, daycare search, had a kid at the doctor twice this week, one broken toe, three days of 101 fevers, two days of migraines and one overslept mother who took nyquil.

No excuses though, because I could have pushed and forced myself to workout in the remaining hours of the day, but I failed myself.

Monday - 3.55miles (34:13!)
Tuesday - Arm/Chest
Wednesday - slackerday
Thursday - slackerday

So all of the post to this point was prepped yesterday afternoon.  But when I logged on at like 10pm last night to confess my sins and whine and make excuses, I had enough.  I hated my own posts the last couple weeks.

It seems like every Friday post lately is a repeat, a deja vu...recycled from the week's prior whiny vent.

I've annoyed myself to the point of pissing myself off.

So I went to bed with a plan last night.

Today is MY MONDAY.

Friday - 5.0miles
Before 5:30am. 
"boom goes the dynomite"

Back and shoulders are scheduled for lunch.

I'm not going to splurge over the weekend and "start fresh (again) on Monday" bs...because I've posted that, I've said that, I've DONE that way too many times recently. 
This cycle is stopping.

This time, this weekend isn't a last free for all, but a detox weekend and serious meal prep.

What helped slap me out of denial?


You know what means??
I got my email about my next Betty Rocker Challenge and it starts May 1st!
"Fat Amy" will return to commiserate with me about the new challenge Bree and the partner trainer kick our butts with.

so with that, I will return to my water chugaluggin'

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  1. I'm okay with today being Monday for workout purposes but definitely not work purposes! Hope you have a great weekend!

    I do what I want.


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