May 29, 2014

So Free....

Earlier this week I threw my hands up in the air and declared that I needed help, but wanted help that wouldn't force my family to throw me in a locked room to avoid any obsessive number crunching.

Oddly enough? 
This morning I'm calm and excited at the same time. 

I feel free

I am not staring down to the finite lines of nutritional facts, perhaps that isn't the right thing....
but for me and knowing my personality,
this is a good thing.

I found a free app (I love being an Android girl "WWPP Calculator") that allowed me to switch to "Original Points" rather than "Points Plus." 
I've read some reviews that others found it confusing,
 but if you are a former or already familiar with the WW program, it was easy for me to jump right in.

It is a fresh slate, so I'm having to log in and calculate my points for my routine foods. It was a great reminder last night when I verified my numbers. 
 I hit my primary routine foods in the pantry and schedule (no worries, this is just a snapshot):
Oatmeal (1/2 cup) = 2pts
Mesquite Turkey Deli (1oz slices) = 1pt
Mixla tortilla (amazing HEB new product) = 2pts
rice cake = 1pt
Crispeas = 2pts for 22peas
Bliss-Vanilla Coffee Creamer = 1pt
 PB2 (2tbsp) = 1pt

I won't get to the store until after the move next week, but my mind is already there and I'm seriously craving and oogling at my treadmill tucked behind a mound of boxes and clutter.  My son overheard me talking to that corner of the garage saying 'don't worry T, I'll be back...I miss you.'  

I have not forgotten my half-marathon goal for this year.

I'm likely on hiatus from this wonderful world of blogs next week while we move and get situated.
I plan on making rounds this Friday to stay connected to all my newest lovelies I've made recently.

Until I'm settled, I'll leave you with.....

May 28, 2014

Polar Loop Nots

Anyone recall how I was surprised on Christmas morning with my PolarLoop and HRM strap from Hubs and the kids?

I thought I would update the world on where we are five months later, not in relation to my activity levels (since I've admitted and whined enough about that) but directly regarding the Loop.

First of all, the mobile app is now available for Android as well as IPhone, so there is nothing holding anyone back on that issue! I was stoked finally to use it to its full potential, but last week it stopped again. Turns out another software update to the site or Loop and I had to plug it up to the computer to get the latest.  No biggie, problem solved and now I can obsess over my app again (this is a good thing.)

Without further adieu.....

Things not to do while wearing your Polar Loop:

Wash dishes - the water is fine, but the movement is not.
Your feet can stand completely still while you wash dishes and suddenly you will have accumulated 300 steps.

Loading the dishwasher - or unloading whichever. 
Your feet are stationary for the most part with your movements are simply reach down and put on counter, only half of your body.  Stack up and then reach up into counters, right?  Seems Polar thinks I'm doing a crossfit WOD involving benchpresses in addition to box jumps while doing the dishes.

Washing your child's hair - again, the thing is waterproof! That is okay. 
But if you are a vigorous washer, your Loop will think you are running a marathon
 and give you a starbusting high five. 

Washing your own hair
I once ran a mile's worth of steps in confines of my 4x4 standing shower.
(no rhyme or theme for my gif Wednesday...just any excuse to think I look like Katy Perry while showering.)

So if you are in the market for a Polar Loop or any activity monitor that is on your hand,
 consider the above hints.

Or just obviously aim higher than a minimum of 10K.

May 27, 2014

More or less?

Last week I blasted myself as a control freak. 

This wasn't newsworthy, but more of a confession and plea to the public to excuse my increased snarkiness or sarcastic tones in person and online.

The reality is that while I have house clutter and chaos in addition to my sinus/head/ear thing impeding my exercise and activity time, I need to really focus on my eating and choices.  I previously explained that I was leery of the increased calories I researched and found that I likely needed while training so hard. It did help with energy and performance with my running times, it was difficult mentally to deal with the numbers. 

I adapted, but now here I am with nominal activity (thank you Austin allergies.)
(might as well be!)

I recently (like two months ago) updated my MFP profile to move towards a more IIFYM (If-It-Fits-Your-Macros)  lineup, I even reached out to a dear friend and fessed up my stats, my quest, and my limitations food wise to help me decipher how much of what I should be eating (or not). 

But I think the amount of dedication and strict numbers may be a bit too much for me.  It seems like WW on steroids, with the numbers crunching and alignment. we really want me, a cranky-control freak of a mom 
ALSO turning into psycho-obsessed-number cruncher?

So I think I'm going to veer back to my old school roots, to what worked for me before. The one program that I somehow miraculously lost 60lbs with.  I'm busting out my old WW booklets, not PointsPlus or Core or whatever they call it now. I'm going way back to original Points. Yep.  I still have my slider and calculator and a schmancy black bag to carry it all in. 

You know, to keep my number-crunching to a minimum while I'm in house re-org mode (and trapped treadmill)

Let's hope this food choice will let me chill out.

May 23, 2014


So here's the deal.

I truly am a 'mellow, go with the flow' kinda girl....
or as Hubs would describe me as indecisive or disinterested in certain things.

But I throw all sorts of kinks into his usual description of me when the other 'April' shows up.
She stays in the background until it is necessary to sound off. 
Typically house or kid related stuff.

I never realized it, or maybe it manifested during the first pregnancy....but yeah. I became one of those people.  I ought to invest in something to calm me down or give me back my normal 'whatever' attitude.  Because right now, the house is selling, we are moving, boxes are being packed and the house is a royal mess.  The amount of anger and frustration that hits me every time I walk through the living room which is our now boxing area simply is stupid.  Hubs doesn't get it, the kids know to avoid it or at least comply with my demands for order.

So what that I have the boxes with color coded stickers for labeling and boxes all marked for each person's room or upstairs (I know at least that Holly will give me props for my intended order.) So what if I prefer to purge while we pack so that we aren't moving the clutter that is simply clutter in a new house?

This post should serve as my excuse or explanation of my lack of focus in the world of my health and fitness. My running obviously is not happening due to the sinus thing interfering with breathing and such.  My cardio aerobic classes aren't happening due to the pounding migraines that ensue due to said sinus thing.  My attempts at body weight activities of pushups and planks? Migraines.  So this leaves me with trying my best with my food which until last night has been on point.  But last night I was miserable and announced to Hubs that he was in charge for dinner while I nurse some medication in the dark closet.  Result? Ecstatic kids that got to have pizza.  Less than excited mom and dad who end up with stomach issues due to the rare treat of gluten, tomato sauce, and cheese.  LittleOne ended up with some tums in addition to her daily reflux meds.

 But the kids were happy in the midst of mom's physical meltdown, so I'll let it slide.
 This time.

and while I have nothing to offer anyone, go visit my control freak twin, Holly, as she's giving away some money, we all love money! Where We Can Live like Jack and Sally is the place to be this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend ladies!
 I'll be living in chaos and creating more of it this weekend with more packing.

May 21, 2014

Nobody will ever know.....

I found myself in an old place the other day, and it scared me. 
I was tempted.
Very tempted.

I walked away this time, but it brought on memories and a realization of some of my food-relationship issues.

What was a simple run to Walgreens to pick up glue and construction paper for Kiddo's school project, turned into a sad realization of who I was and likely still am.  I, April, a busy mother of two who normally has at least one kid glued to my hip at all times, was alone for a brief moment in time. I had no witnesses, nobody to hold me back or judge me. Nobody to see, so it wouldn't count would it?

"Nobody can judge me for eating a chocolate candy bar if nobody saw me do it."

It was almost as if I was hypnotized by the situation, the solitude, but I awoke to find myself walking down the candy aisle of Walgreens.  I stopped and started to contemplate between a Payday and a KitKat.
Then it hit me.
And happened.
Some college aged skinny minnie cashier overheard me say aloud.

"What am I doing??? I'm not even hungry!" 

Because the little voice inside my head toyed with me and was whispering old bad things in my head like 
'but you are alone!! you deserve a treat every once in a while'
'it is a rare thing, go on, nobody will know'
'just throw the trash out before you get home'
'you won't have to share with any kids'
'remember to chew gum afterwards so the chocolate or peanut butter smell won't be noticed'

I can look back and  say I never binged (except maybe on exercise.)
I can look back and can see months of anorexic-like behaviours.
I can look back and can say I never experimented with laxatives.

But I do look back and have to confess to quite possibly being
a 'closet eater'

and that habit?  hit me like a ton of bricks last week.

The justification, the situation, it was right there and I found myself in the mix of it all again.

If admission is the first step to recovery then here it is:

I, April, do not need to splurge or eat something simply because I am alone.
I, April, do not need to sneak around and have a sweet just because I can.
I, April, do not need to hide wrappers from myself.

May 16, 2014

Follow-Through-Friday with Five

This week's #FTF just isn't too grand, so I've added in the Five for Friday group as well.
or is it my weekly confessions? I get so confused with it all.

Let me clear the air first and foremost with my workout activities this week before it went to hell?

Monday - 4miles!(am) + Jillian "Banish Fat" 
Tuesday - 3.20miles (walked) + P90XPlus UpperChest
Wednesday - sick kiddo
Thursday - sick mama
Friday - sick mama

Sure looks familiar don't it? sigh.
I have to admit that Monday's burn was worthy of an A!! Not just for effort, but seriously my Polar gave me a 373% completion of the daily goal.  Basically I did supposedly did four days worth of exercise in that single day.  Who knows, but I'll take it since I didn't get much in afterwards.

Because of my uber Monday?? 
Here I am on noon on Friday and I'm still averaging 145% of my daily goal.  It shouldn't dip below that if I keep moving today and don't turn into a complete slug over the weekend. But you will see in a moment, there is no time for the wicked this weekend :)
Luckily the food was on point except for Thursday.  Seems the random day of nausea hit again and instead of drowning my mealprepped ground turkey and greenbeans with sriracha, I thought it be best not to tempt the gods with the powers of Sriracha.  That resulted in a lunch of oatmeal and my turkey as my dinner without the goodness of the Sriracha. 

 I think we need to always capitalize it, as it has become worthy of a proper name.

Moving onto some confessions for a Friday5:

  • I could have, should have: gotten a run in while I was trapped at home with the Kiddo. I opted to voluntarily work on his homework project instead of my personal health project.
  • I could have, should have: not indulged his request for an icee or smoothie because it allowed me to get a diet coke.
  • I could have, should have: reminded Hubs NOT to make homemade coconut macaroons "for the kids"
  • I could have, should have: gone to the doctor months ago for this ear/sinus business and likely avoided needing a referral for a specialist.
  • I could have, should have: truly starting packing more of the house like I envisioned before the final two weeks.  I'm down to two weekends left and its almost GO time. eek.

While I'm slaving away packing and cleaning my house (while medicated), why don't some of my readers enjoy a walk outside on my behalf.
(since the outdoor world is trying to kill me one breath at a time)

May 14, 2014

Ambassador?? who me??

This came up last week on my Instagram, but I hadn't come in here to really boast share about it, its actually taken a couple days to get used to the compliment.  Don't get me wrong SweatPink and FitFluential is seen everywhere on Instagram and in the blogworld, but to be in the mix with some of the awesome ladies and blogs that I've read for so long?  My baby blog is microscopic in the huge blogworld (and I love each one of my followers who have been with me from day one or just recently! I've made some pretty cool friends!) so I'm rather shocked that I was even considered. 

Yes, I'm flattered!! After all, I am just a mama trying to teach her kids right from the getgo so they won't have the lifestyle  and battles that I had to grow up with.

My first order of business as a new SweatPink Ambassador?

Months ago I shared in here that I help organize a wellness group at work with the rotated cardio videos and such.  At most ten of us sweat our working mom booties off during lunch hours and remain semi sweaty for the afternoon for the sake of our health and schedule.

These ladies?  The ones that I internally compete with (because I am that chick) but love to see their faces and hear their groans when we are doing Insanity or Asylum (aka...the one where Shaun intentionally tries to kill you and your tight core!)  These ladies are all going to receive some pink laces!

What is extra special about these laces for my friends?
In our ten ladies, we have three breast cancer survivors. 
 That is 30%.  
These aren't official breast cancer laces or even remotely associated with the Komen outreach.  

But you give pink anything to a woman, 
and we smile a little brighter no matter what, right?

May 13, 2014

On The Table: Jerk Chicken Kebabs

Last week for my Sunday mealprep I tried something new for Hubs.  I may be a creature of routine and can eat the same thing for weeks on end for lunch, but again I'm reminded that I'm just weird.  Hey, once you figure out what works for your schedule or calories or points or whatever, some of us just find comfort in the known rather than the unknown.

No, I'd rather have someone else be the cook
 I digress. So I needed to shake things up for Hubs, break out of usual chicken, veggies, brown rice variations I had served him for the last month.  I ended up hunting down a grilling cookbook, because if the weather permits (and this is Austin, it always permits!) then I'll grill outside faster than you can "Throwdown."

change from chicken breast = boneless thighs (he prefers anyway - despite my objections)
steamed/prepared veggies = now grilled on the kebabs
brown rice = now brown rice mixed with jalapeno black beans.

Jerk Chicken Kebabs

You can use chicken of your choice, cut into pieces larger than bitesize but small enough to skewer.

  • 1 seeded and chopped jalapeno
  • 2 tbsp of white wine vinegar (I used regular)
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • 3/4 tsp ground allspice
  • 3 tsp vegetable oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • (vegetables of choice)
  • mushrooms
  • red or green onions
  • zucchini or squash
  • green peppers or other colors
  1. Using my food chopper, toss in the jalapeno to mince without using your hands (I'm a wimp) and then use the chopper cup to make your marinade with the vinegar, Worcestershire, spices and oil.  
  2. Place cut chicken pieces into a quart size baggie and pour marinade over the cut chicken pieces.  You can do this ahead of time to let it marinade longer, but I did it for about 30minutes and it was very flavorful.
  3. Continue to cut vegetables to kebab size (one to two inch pieces)
  4. Prepare grill, charcoal or gas whichever is most convenient....(I prefer gas for my simple cooking nights)
  5. Put the older kids to work to make patterns on the metal skewers (if using wooden, let them soak for at least two hours) rotating veggies and chicken pieces
  6. Place directly on grill if you like grill marks, or foil if you don't want to clean the grill.
  7. I tend to purposely undercook for meal prep knowing that the meat will be microwaved during the week, but cook to desired temperature.

There isn't a recipe for the rice and beans, simply a can of flavored beans mixed with brown rice for some added carbs to round out the meal.

And there we have a new mealprep idea for the rotation that let me use the grill and add some flavor and  ease into our workday lunches.

What did you pack for yourself or others this week?

May 9, 2014

Follow-Through-Friday: A breakup

For this week's #FTF (Follow-Through-Friday) I'm pointing to my Texas sweetie,
Cait at Your Favorite Girlfriend!
She's been busy lately with school, but she's still a Texas rockstar

Have I mentioned how much I've loved having a gym membership?  That I love having my gym only 4minutes away from the house? That it is typically myself and at most five other people in the gym at 4:30am?  That I've earned the 'wat up' nod from the meatheads because I'm a regular now?

I am going to miss that.

My relationship with the gym is practically a dysfunctional relationship just like Bella and Edward right? I am slightly obsessive about the gym and get remorseful when I can't get to it.  I miss it, I crave it.  In the end I become a different person? A stronger person?

With the impending house move and transition, one of the first change directly
 impacts my relationship with G.

Wednesday I had to break up with my Edward, my Gym.

This wouldn't be so hard if my personal treadmill wasn't hiding behind a stack of boxes.
This wouldn't be so hard if I hadn't gone to the doctor on Monday and was given the riot act for 'over-medicating' myself  for a sinus infection and pain.  Antibiotics and a speech later, I've spent the week having to chug an additional 24ounces of water to my current 120oz. I don't think my bladder would appreciate my running this week anyway.

So this was doctor imposed rest week.

Monday - arms/back + elliptical 20minutes
Tuesday - 3.10miles (27:33!!!)
Wednesday - LEGDAY

But this breakup and doctor won't hold me down.  I kept my food on track and kicked it into high gear.  As I focused again on my food intake due to the limited activity, I realized that I'd fallen back into a low-carb habit and fell away from the macros set out to better improve my nutrients and fueling.  My net intake has been embarassingly bad.  Like I would likely get another riot act if a doctor or nurse saw it.

This weekend's food prep and menu planning will be more aware of this and I've enlisted the help of a friend who's studying for his trainer certification who wanted the test of trying to come up with a valid macro setting for me and my dietary complications.  Good luck to him! haha.

Hubs has agreed to re-organize the garage clutter so that I can access my treadmill and get my mental wellness, run in next week.  Along with the food awareness,

I hope to be back to myself and not a pouty depressed Bella.

The house stuff will be my primary goal this weekend.  I've avoided it for the last month, but we are now under 30days left in this house and weekends are the only time to hit it hard.  I will be busy purging and packing up LittleOne's bedroom while she's gone for a sleepover at Gramma's. 

Have a great weekend everyone, share with me your plans! 
They have to be more fun than mine?

May 7, 2014

Dear Tsk-Tskers:

Dear fellow Gymrats,
I see the questioning looks, or the slight sight of disapproval.  I know what you are thinking, "Jillian would kick my ass" if she saw me with my hands on my treadmill.  Instead of questioning judging me, you could ask or try to offer a suggestion, but let me jump the gun because I feel compelled to give you my excuse for why I hold on to the treadmill rails if I am going faster than 5.0mph:

Excuse #1: (January 2009) I was in a head on collision with significant injuries.  Nothing life threatening and thankfully my child wasn't in the van at the time, but it was severe nonetheless.  Dislocated left shoulder, bruised sternum, a couple cuts to my face, but most severe was a broken tailbone.  My breathing got back on track after about a month when the sternum healed and I'm still timid with weights on my left shoulder, but that tailbone? yeah it still is a bitch to me.

Excuse #2: (Summer 2010-2011)  Yeah, I know what you will say...that I brought this one on myself, but who knew?  A long awaited second pregnancy, a full six and a half years after my first.  Finally a blessing after six months of physical therapy on my shoulder and hips from the accident. A pregnancy at the age of 34yr, but in better physical health than my first when I was 28.  But you see, pregnancy is a fickle thing and decides to treat your body differently each time no matter how young/old healthy/fat you are.  Who knows? Perhaps it was the existing tailbone injury from 18months prior, but my tailbone and hips decided to make me almost immobile. At only 19weeks I started having complications with Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction, the short story is my body enjoyed producing the hormone to 'relax' me a little too much and my pelvic bones split too far apart. Walking, standing, sitting, matter what position, it was painful.  The bones separate from one another with the idea of birth...for me it wasn't necessary, but the body didn't remember that.  Short story is that they didn't split far enough for surgery to refuse the bones, but it did require more physical therapy.

Yes, and I should haven't to justify anything on how or why I'm working out or what I need to do to help me.

Next time anyone wants to 'tsk tsk' me for running on the treadmill holding on because I don't trust my hips to run fast in a straight line?  Tsk Tsk me for running 3-4miles EVERY MORNING.

Bite me.
and my twice broken ass.


May 6, 2014

On the Table: His Bag and Pinterest

Funny thing about of dogs, cats, and food get the most likes?  Who knew??

And since I don't have any adorable cats or dogs, that leaves me with my random food pictures.  Do I post often, I don't think so.  I do try and share my Sunday meal prep ideas though because we all get in a rut with lunch or meal ideas.

While my lunches are downright predictable, my husband doesn't work like that. Somehow in the last 13years of being together, I still have yet to conquer the psychic ability to know what he feels like eating. No complaints received equals a good meal and fair game for repeating, right?  I havent' had too much feedback positive or negative since I started meal prepping his lunches, other than a salty fish here or there.  But this past weekend when I asked for any input, he simply said he wasn't full enough and needs some carbs or a starch with his lunch.  I get it, he's a guy and not needing to lose any weight.

This week in his bag
Vinegar cucumber and cherry tomato salad
Grilled Jerk Chicken kebabs with green peppers and red onions
brown rice with jalapeno black beans 

This weekend also brought out my Pinterest side, with me finally trying out the frozen banana trick.  Friday night I had accidentally skipped out on dinner with working and running errands, so I opted for an almost too ripe banana smooshed up with some almond butter.  I smooshed it (like the technical terms?) and added a splash of my FF vanilla coffee creamer.  And it was heaven for my dinner.

So at lunch on Saturday after soccer and errands, I told my son about it and he begged me to do it for him.  Instead of my quickly smooshed version like the night before, I actually did the frozen banana in the blender trick.  Kiddo then showed his true genetics and busted out the chocolate chips and walnuts for me to toss in? Yep, I took the right baby home from the hospital.

The result was awesome. Not just because it tastes fantabulous,

but my soy and dairy allergic daughter got to have 'ice cream.'

The smile and excitement on her face was worth every loud second of the blender trying to whip up that banana.   Needless to say, I purposely bought more bananas this week with every intention of freezing those suckers for future 'ice cream' for the kiddos.

May 2, 2014

Following-Through-Fridays into May!

It is another #FTF (Follow-Through-Friday) with my beautiful buds!

First of all, can we remark that here we are in May, as in the 5th month of the year and this weekly linkup is still going on??  That most of us have checked in weekly (minus one or two) for four solid months of 2014?  We deserve a present!

Fine, the only present or reward for now is the satisfaction of knowing we are mindful and trying to do our best week in and week out.  I still have to rely on that mindset since the scale is packed away.  I need to actually take a starting weight and measurements for my Betty Rocker Challenge (register HERE) to motivate me to keep going strong.  So this time around I'm going to have to solely rely on the measuring tape, which is a good thing.

PS...I am no way affiliated with the challenge, I'm simply a participant in a free online challenge group! If you search #makefatcrychallenge or #bettyrockerchallenge on Instagram, you will see that it is a very large community of men and women playing along weekly and sharing.

Enough about looking forward.

This week has been a total cluster, yesterday's post shared that much.
 But I am positive that this week still qualifies as a good week, a non-failure week. 
Which translates to a WIN week.
Coach "Pop" is a winner too.

(If you don't know this reference, then I need to refresh everyone on my love for 
my SAN ANTONIO SPURS and the 2013 Coach of the Year, Pop)

Monday -  3.10miles (30:27) + Brazillian Butt Cardio + Asylum Abs (PM)
Tuesday - Arms and Back + 5.54miles cycling (20:05)
Wednesday - 3 mile walk
Thursday - rest
Friday - 3.1miles(29:38) + Insanity Interval (PM)

So while I feel like I took Wednesday and Thursday off from a "workout," the reality is that I was too busy packing boxes and moving them back and forth at work. Did I sweat? Yep.  Did I get sore? Yep.
Does it count?  I'm thinking more yes than no.

My chocolate fast? Still going strong with today being Day9.

May 1, 2014

8 days....a NSV

This week (so far)
House packing
Office packing
New work duties
working through lunches
Soccer practice
Broken toed kid
Asthmatic kid woes
my surprise random nausea hit again

Have I fallen yet?
8 days now without chocolate
8 days now with carbs and macros in check
(no worries, compensation has been in the form of coffee)

and randomly found and loved since Frozen is on a constant loop in our house?

Have a great Thursday, I will be starting my #makefatcry challenge today from Betty Rocker.
(It starts today, but you can still register!!)

psst...if I don't post tomorrow, call the police and let them know it was Betty Rocker that did it.


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