May 1, 2014

8 days....a NSV

This week (so far)
House packing
Office packing
New work duties
working through lunches
Soccer practice
Broken toed kid
Asthmatic kid woes
my surprise random nausea hit again

Have I fallen yet?
8 days now without chocolate
8 days now with carbs and macros in check
(no worries, compensation has been in the form of coffee)

and randomly found and loved since Frozen is on a constant loop in our house?

Have a great Thursday, I will be starting my #makefatcry challenge today from Betty Rocker.
(It starts today, but you can still register!!)

psst...if I don't post tomorrow, call the police and let them know it was Betty Rocker that did it.



  1. Geez, I'm tired for you! Great job rocking those challenges (and all that life has thrown at you) though!

  2. too funny! Love your post and all the accomplishments despite your busy life!!! Keeps things in perspective for me:)

    1. Leslie! I try my best...that's all we can do, right?
      Well that and convince my tastebuds that anything sugary and awesome tastes nasty...but at 38 they still haven't been convinced of that, so I gotta burn that bad habit off.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Oh those weeks stink. I hope your week is better this coming week! Great job on the positives, keep up the good work!!


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