May 14, 2014

Ambassador?? who me??

This came up last week on my Instagram, but I hadn't come in here to really boast share about it, its actually taken a couple days to get used to the compliment.  Don't get me wrong SweatPink and FitFluential is seen everywhere on Instagram and in the blogworld, but to be in the mix with some of the awesome ladies and blogs that I've read for so long?  My baby blog is microscopic in the huge blogworld (and I love each one of my followers who have been with me from day one or just recently! I've made some pretty cool friends!) so I'm rather shocked that I was even considered. 

Yes, I'm flattered!! After all, I am just a mama trying to teach her kids right from the getgo so they won't have the lifestyle  and battles that I had to grow up with.

My first order of business as a new SweatPink Ambassador?

Months ago I shared in here that I help organize a wellness group at work with the rotated cardio videos and such.  At most ten of us sweat our working mom booties off during lunch hours and remain semi sweaty for the afternoon for the sake of our health and schedule.

These ladies?  The ones that I internally compete with (because I am that chick) but love to see their faces and hear their groans when we are doing Insanity or Asylum (aka...the one where Shaun intentionally tries to kill you and your tight core!)  These ladies are all going to receive some pink laces!

What is extra special about these laces for my friends?
In our ten ladies, we have three breast cancer survivors. 
 That is 30%.  
These aren't official breast cancer laces or even remotely associated with the Komen outreach.  

But you give pink anything to a woman, 
and we smile a little brighter no matter what, right?


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