May 7, 2014

Dear Tsk-Tskers:

Dear fellow Gymrats,
I see the questioning looks, or the slight sight of disapproval.  I know what you are thinking, "Jillian would kick my ass" if she saw me with my hands on my treadmill.  Instead of questioning judging me, you could ask or try to offer a suggestion, but let me jump the gun because I feel compelled to give you my excuse for why I hold on to the treadmill rails if I am going faster than 5.0mph:

Excuse #1: (January 2009) I was in a head on collision with significant injuries.  Nothing life threatening and thankfully my child wasn't in the van at the time, but it was severe nonetheless.  Dislocated left shoulder, bruised sternum, a couple cuts to my face, but most severe was a broken tailbone.  My breathing got back on track after about a month when the sternum healed and I'm still timid with weights on my left shoulder, but that tailbone? yeah it still is a bitch to me.

Excuse #2: (Summer 2010-2011)  Yeah, I know what you will say...that I brought this one on myself, but who knew?  A long awaited second pregnancy, a full six and a half years after my first.  Finally a blessing after six months of physical therapy on my shoulder and hips from the accident. A pregnancy at the age of 34yr, but in better physical health than my first when I was 28.  But you see, pregnancy is a fickle thing and decides to treat your body differently each time no matter how young/old healthy/fat you are.  Who knows? Perhaps it was the existing tailbone injury from 18months prior, but my tailbone and hips decided to make me almost immobile. At only 19weeks I started having complications with Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction, the short story is my body enjoyed producing the hormone to 'relax' me a little too much and my pelvic bones split too far apart. Walking, standing, sitting, matter what position, it was painful.  The bones separate from one another with the idea of birth...for me it wasn't necessary, but the body didn't remember that.  Short story is that they didn't split far enough for surgery to refuse the bones, but it did require more physical therapy.

Yes, and I should haven't to justify anything on how or why I'm working out or what I need to do to help me.

Next time anyone wants to 'tsk tsk' me for running on the treadmill holding on because I don't trust my hips to run fast in a straight line?  Tsk Tsk me for running 3-4miles EVERY MORNING.

Bite me.
and my twice broken ass.



  1. Dont worry about other people they are probably feeling insecure about something at the gym too thats why people judge to make themselves feel better. Getting 3-4 miles in is a great feat no matter if you walk run or crawl it. Remember this a 6 minute mile and a 20 minute mile are both still a mile!

  2. Uhh, seriously? People can be so damn need a tshirt that says, "ask me why I hang onto the treadmill, I dare ya". Lol

    1. I like that idea! Between my resting bi$ch face, headphones, and a shirt like that....I'm thinking people will steer clear of me at the gym. ha!
      I think I should start using the 'bite my twice broken ass' comment more often :)

      Thanks for visiting Cara!

  3. Yep, I'm a holder on-er too (to the elliptical). Ever since my DVT's and blood clots in 2008, my balance is HORRIBLE. SO much so that if I EVER got pulled over and asked to walk a line for a sobriety test, I would fail horribly even if I hadn't had a sip of alcohol lol.

    Let the haters hate. You are still doing it no matter if you hold on or not!

  4. I will confess to judging people's gym attire and makeup/hair situations at the gym, but why in the world would people find it necessary to judge someone else's workout?! You don't know anyone's physical limitations except your own. I kinda hope those judgy folks fall off their treadmill (and don't get injured in anyway...just embarrassed)!

    I do what I want.


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