May 16, 2014

Follow-Through-Friday with Five

This week's #FTF just isn't too grand, so I've added in the Five for Friday group as well.
or is it my weekly confessions? I get so confused with it all.

Let me clear the air first and foremost with my workout activities this week before it went to hell?

Monday - 4miles!(am) + Jillian "Banish Fat" 
Tuesday - 3.20miles (walked) + P90XPlus UpperChest
Wednesday - sick kiddo
Thursday - sick mama
Friday - sick mama

Sure looks familiar don't it? sigh.
I have to admit that Monday's burn was worthy of an A!! Not just for effort, but seriously my Polar gave me a 373% completion of the daily goal.  Basically I did supposedly did four days worth of exercise in that single day.  Who knows, but I'll take it since I didn't get much in afterwards.

Because of my uber Monday?? 
Here I am on noon on Friday and I'm still averaging 145% of my daily goal.  It shouldn't dip below that if I keep moving today and don't turn into a complete slug over the weekend. But you will see in a moment, there is no time for the wicked this weekend :)
Luckily the food was on point except for Thursday.  Seems the random day of nausea hit again and instead of drowning my mealprepped ground turkey and greenbeans with sriracha, I thought it be best not to tempt the gods with the powers of Sriracha.  That resulted in a lunch of oatmeal and my turkey as my dinner without the goodness of the Sriracha. 

 I think we need to always capitalize it, as it has become worthy of a proper name.

Moving onto some confessions for a Friday5:

  • I could have, should have: gotten a run in while I was trapped at home with the Kiddo. I opted to voluntarily work on his homework project instead of my personal health project.
  • I could have, should have: not indulged his request for an icee or smoothie because it allowed me to get a diet coke.
  • I could have, should have: reminded Hubs NOT to make homemade coconut macaroons "for the kids"
  • I could have, should have: gone to the doctor months ago for this ear/sinus business and likely avoided needing a referral for a specialist.
  • I could have, should have: truly starting packing more of the house like I envisioned before the final two weeks.  I'm down to two weekends left and its almost GO time. eek.

While I'm slaving away packing and cleaning my house (while medicated), why don't some of my readers enjoy a walk outside on my behalf.
(since the outdoor world is trying to kill me one breath at a time)


  1. Haha I love this post- especially the could have should have part. The coconut macaroons sound pretty amazing right now. Lol ;)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Sorry about the sickness! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Sick or not, you're still kicking ass!! Hope you feel better mama....


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