May 27, 2014

More or less?

Last week I blasted myself as a control freak. 

This wasn't newsworthy, but more of a confession and plea to the public to excuse my increased snarkiness or sarcastic tones in person and online.

The reality is that while I have house clutter and chaos in addition to my sinus/head/ear thing impeding my exercise and activity time, I need to really focus on my eating and choices.  I previously explained that I was leery of the increased calories I researched and found that I likely needed while training so hard. It did help with energy and performance with my running times, it was difficult mentally to deal with the numbers. 

I adapted, but now here I am with nominal activity (thank you Austin allergies.)
(might as well be!)

I recently (like two months ago) updated my MFP profile to move towards a more IIFYM (If-It-Fits-Your-Macros)  lineup, I even reached out to a dear friend and fessed up my stats, my quest, and my limitations food wise to help me decipher how much of what I should be eating (or not). 

But I think the amount of dedication and strict numbers may be a bit too much for me.  It seems like WW on steroids, with the numbers crunching and alignment. we really want me, a cranky-control freak of a mom 
ALSO turning into psycho-obsessed-number cruncher?

So I think I'm going to veer back to my old school roots, to what worked for me before. The one program that I somehow miraculously lost 60lbs with.  I'm busting out my old WW booklets, not PointsPlus or Core or whatever they call it now. I'm going way back to original Points. Yep.  I still have my slider and calculator and a schmancy black bag to carry it all in. 

You know, to keep my number-crunching to a minimum while I'm in house re-org mode (and trapped treadmill)

Let's hope this food choice will let me chill out.

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  1. More power to ya lady! I know I am most likely NOT following any sort of correct food pyramid. I try to eat healthy and not drink too much. Sweets aren't my down fall, its the booze. Good luck and don't sweat the small stuff!


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