May 6, 2014

On the Table: His Bag and Pinterest

Funny thing about of dogs, cats, and food get the most likes?  Who knew??

And since I don't have any adorable cats or dogs, that leaves me with my random food pictures.  Do I post often, I don't think so.  I do try and share my Sunday meal prep ideas though because we all get in a rut with lunch or meal ideas.

While my lunches are downright predictable, my husband doesn't work like that. Somehow in the last 13years of being together, I still have yet to conquer the psychic ability to know what he feels like eating. No complaints received equals a good meal and fair game for repeating, right?  I havent' had too much feedback positive or negative since I started meal prepping his lunches, other than a salty fish here or there.  But this past weekend when I asked for any input, he simply said he wasn't full enough and needs some carbs or a starch with his lunch.  I get it, he's a guy and not needing to lose any weight.

This week in his bag
Vinegar cucumber and cherry tomato salad
Grilled Jerk Chicken kebabs with green peppers and red onions
brown rice with jalapeno black beans 

This weekend also brought out my Pinterest side, with me finally trying out the frozen banana trick.  Friday night I had accidentally skipped out on dinner with working and running errands, so I opted for an almost too ripe banana smooshed up with some almond butter.  I smooshed it (like the technical terms?) and added a splash of my FF vanilla coffee creamer.  And it was heaven for my dinner.

So at lunch on Saturday after soccer and errands, I told my son about it and he begged me to do it for him.  Instead of my quickly smooshed version like the night before, I actually did the frozen banana in the blender trick.  Kiddo then showed his true genetics and busted out the chocolate chips and walnuts for me to toss in? Yep, I took the right baby home from the hospital.

The result was awesome. Not just because it tastes fantabulous,

but my soy and dairy allergic daughter got to have 'ice cream.'

The smile and excitement on her face was worth every loud second of the blender trying to whip up that banana.   Needless to say, I purposely bought more bananas this week with every intention of freezing those suckers for future 'ice cream' for the kiddos.


  1. What an awesome idea! (And if you totally need any cats to "borrow" for instagram purposes, I'm your girl!)

  2. That banana ice cream sounds yummy! I'll definitely have to try it!!


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