May 28, 2014

Polar Loop Nots

Anyone recall how I was surprised on Christmas morning with my PolarLoop and HRM strap from Hubs and the kids?

I thought I would update the world on where we are five months later, not in relation to my activity levels (since I've admitted and whined enough about that) but directly regarding the Loop.

First of all, the mobile app is now available for Android as well as IPhone, so there is nothing holding anyone back on that issue! I was stoked finally to use it to its full potential, but last week it stopped again. Turns out another software update to the site or Loop and I had to plug it up to the computer to get the latest.  No biggie, problem solved and now I can obsess over my app again (this is a good thing.)

Without further adieu.....

Things not to do while wearing your Polar Loop:

Wash dishes - the water is fine, but the movement is not.
Your feet can stand completely still while you wash dishes and suddenly you will have accumulated 300 steps.

Loading the dishwasher - or unloading whichever. 
Your feet are stationary for the most part with your movements are simply reach down and put on counter, only half of your body.  Stack up and then reach up into counters, right?  Seems Polar thinks I'm doing a crossfit WOD involving benchpresses in addition to box jumps while doing the dishes.

Washing your child's hair - again, the thing is waterproof! That is okay. 
But if you are a vigorous washer, your Loop will think you are running a marathon
 and give you a starbusting high five. 

Washing your own hair
I once ran a mile's worth of steps in confines of my 4x4 standing shower.
(no rhyme or theme for my gif Wednesday...just any excuse to think I look like Katy Perry while showering.)

So if you are in the market for a Polar Loop or any activity monitor that is on your hand,
 consider the above hints.

Or just obviously aim higher than a minimum of 10K.


  1. lol...smh...I will make sure my sister knows this...she thinks she is getting it in while going hand to mouth with the Blue


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