Jun 30, 2014

Mid-June Reboot Week 1

Anyone else stoked about a short week???

And I'm double-stoked because my holiday week starts Wednesday to prepare the family for a quick beach trip on Thursday and Friday.

but that is this week and today's post is about last week, what I called the first week of my Mid-June Reboot.

The quick and dirty? I'd have to say it went very well.

April's Mid-June Reboot

Week 1 
Starting weight on June 23rd (Monday) = 162.2
Weight on June 27th (Friday) = 158.4
Week 2 
Weight on June 30th (Monday) = 158.6 

But more importantly is that my water intake is up, my chocolate consumption is down and my stomach is feeling so much better now that a week of good eating and drinking has flushed out all the crapola that I ate the first half of June.

and I have to pat myself on the back for being strong this weekend! A weekend bloat of only .4lbs? That is unheard of for me!

You can see by the theme of today's post what my weekend consisted of?   So we had company and lots of cooking going on. Luckily Hubs got a new smoker and is in a carnivore mood so we are snacking on his grilled/smoked goodies which are meats and roasted veggies.

and several reasons why soccer is awesome?

Plus the original cutie....

I mean seriously?? you don't have a vagina if you can resist a man like this.

How's that for starting your week off right?

(ladies, you are welcome!)

Jun 27, 2014

Re-boot compromised....

It is Friday people!!!

I swear the longer the week feels are the same weeks that you look back and say 'what the hell did I get done?' with a smidge of guilt for the work stuff, but then realize it is the weekend and we are forbidden to think of work on days that start with "S"?

This week has been educational to me, it was officially training for work that I was told would be difficult for people without any programming or coding experience. I figured I could fluff my way through it.

Guess what? This old dog apparently truly did teach herself basic HTML and coding thanks to blogging and some vbulletin experience.  Don't get me wrong, there are gobs of graphic and HTML pros under every pebble on the beach.  The training was fascinating in that it was ensuring your site/blog/publication is coded correctly for visually impaired readers who use screen reader technologies.

While it isn't a target audience most people think of professionally or bloggily (whichever) I do have a soft spot for accommodating others. I have hosted an intern from the hearing impaired community for two years. She was a sweetheart who tolerated two years of my basic finger-spelling and note writing.

Three days of training and not having access to my office stocked with 'my' foods. 
No fridge access for 'my' lunches, 
no place to store my water bottles (I carry 100oz everyday *watersnob*). 
No opportunity to walk laps
No cardio class at lunchtime
 My reboot was tested from day two!

 My first week of my "Mid June Re-Boot" isn't quite complete, but I'm pleased with how I'm feeling already. I will post a full recap on Monday (which sorta sucks since weekends are the hardest, right?)

Have an awesome weekend ladies!
 Dance your arsses off!!

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Jun 25, 2014

Mommy bag to the rescue!

I was so excited, a few weeks ago I got the awesome news that I was going to receive my very first VoxBox of goodies to chat about with the blogworld.
But had to finangle the box to be delivered to an alternate address while I was moving, enter good ol' mama :)

Guilt was horrible in that I couldn't even pick up my box or get the box to me for almost three weeks! I was moving, then my mama was out of town? Geesh, so much for being a grateful person??

This past Saturday I finally had a moment and excuse to drive down to San Antonio to pick up my box attend my niece's birthday party and visit with my mom.

It was a very nice party, I can bet that anyone not living under a rock can guess what the theme was for the 3yr old birthday girl? ahem....hint?
LittleOne had a blast with the jumpy house and bubbles, but we ended up with an accidental mishap when the pinata came out. I mean how can you not get excited to be 3yrs old and swinging around a stick at innocent parents standing nearby?  She was jumping up and down but seems she scraped the back of her legs on the exposed concrete of the patio.  It looked worse than it was when she received gasps from the other parents as it looked like blood trickling down her calf.

No worries, it wasn't nearly anything to set the party in a panic.  We got to the bathroom to clean it up and found it was simply three little scrapes, nothing a little Neosporin and a cute bandaid (or two) couldn't fix.

and for once, this mama actually had some Neosporin on hand! (I'm notoriously not stocked for emergencies, I failed diaperbag 101)  Coincidentally before heading to the party, I got to finally pick up my purple VoxBox and had read online that one of the products was in fact Neosporin!

A quick dash to the car and me ripping open the box, I lucked out and was right!
Tucked inside I found the new Neosporin "Neo to Go" ready to roll for such a situation!

Seriously, what are the odds? (100% honesty here!!) I got back to the party and another mom saw what I had in my hand and remarked that it is awesome, no stickiness and it sprays nicely.  She was right, LittleOne stood still and I was able to get the three scrapes in two simple presses and she was off and running around in the yard again.

Sprays?? why are we just now thinking of this?? I didn't have to wash my hands or use a babywipe to clean up my finger from having to touch the typical tubes, or waste one of the sample squeezers.

This stuff has now made it to my purse! Not just the 'kiddo' bag I keep and always forget in the trunk of the car, but my everyday purse, because frankly I'm the biggest clutz in this house anyway.

I can't wait to get to try out the rest of the products in the TLCVoxBox! 

*as stated above, I received the VoxBox because I am partnered with Influenster for honest reviews of sample products.  This product was given in exchange for my honest opinion and experience.*

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Jun 23, 2014

April's Mid-June Reboot

Because it is already the 23rd of the month and I cannot afford to wait for a catchy July themed wakeup call.  Perhaps the threat of having to visit a nuerologist scared my brain into behaving, but I've had good days since Friday.

That is three entire days headache free. 
A first in four months!!

So what does this girl do?

Saturday I started removing my carbs again. 
 Not a full sugar detox, but the easy stuff first:
Saturday breakfast was oatmeal for the family = I scrambled a quick egg.
Sunday breakfast was breakfast tacos = I skipped the tortilla and got to have extra turkey bacon.

The only carbs I've had through the weekend were natural ones:
a serving of homemade potato salad (not perfect)
fresh corn added to my big green salad

oh yeah...the coffee creamer.
This is going to be difficult to curb, but I hope to try my black tea tomorrow instead to get my caffiene in but eliminate the carbs.

June Reboot Details
I know several of us think of our weeks as Monday-Sundays,
(because we all know diet and routines are easier to start on Mondays, am I right?)

This self-imposed "Reboot" is for two weeks, today (6/23) to the 4th of July.
This mission has two weeks, with two sets of goals to help me transition back to MYSELF.

  • 50g carbs/daily to help break the craving cycles
  • working out at lunch, goal is 3 days this week.
  • on non workout days, hit the GOAL on my PolarLoop (which currently is about 13500 steps/day)
  • hit 80oz water

  • 50-75g carbs/daily
  • working out at lunch 4days
  • hit 100oz water

If my head stays solid and clear, these two weeks will bring me to the July 4th weekend.

I meet the nuerologist on July 7th, in which I hope we can just call it moot and move on.

And then??
I get my ass back up at 4am at least three days a week.  I'm taking this as a baby step, because whatever this headgame thing is, it exhausts me when it decides to freak out on me.

** I know that several people do not adhere or endorse low-carb plans, this is what works best for my body. I need the cold-turkey removal of carbs and sugars to help stop the vicous cycle of cravings. This is MY plan based on my body's history and needs. **

Jun 19, 2014

BMI business

I have posted several times of my want, my desire, my mojo wishing and wanting to be back on the trails and working out.  I mentally am ready and almost to the point of depression that I can't workout.

I had a post prepared the other night titled 'Tomorrow.' That was about the alarm clock turned on and treadmill dusted off and prepped for my 4am return to normalcy I prefer. But then my body caught wind of my plans and tossed them overboard like an scary looking fish that accidentally got caught.


Hubs has been supportive of my setback, he's actually stepped up quite a bit with helping out for dinner and the kidlet management while I'm struggling with this head game (call it migraines, sinus, crud, whatever...it hurts like hell) He voiced his concerns of my walking outside and we had agreed to keep me nearby with the treadmill while my head is wonky.  That of course didn't happen because of said wonkiness. And he then made me feel less guilty by reminding me that I may have to put my running and quest on the backburner while the docs figure out this wonky head thing. The guilt was eased slightly.

But then this morning I had to jump into my online medical chart and saw the reality of 2014.
I am up four pounds from December 2013.
Sounds acceptable right? Not too bad considering that my activity since April has been pretty much bubkiss?
No, the reality is that those 4lbs, bumped me back into a decade I never was to see again. A decade now that is two above my target weight.  

A decade that has bumped my supposed BMI 
out of the "normal" category
 to "obese."

I am on standby until another doctor appointment on July 7th with another specialist.  Hubs wants me to wait and see, but I am hoping to get some walks in the meantime with a partner or someone with me.

Because I can't let this scale business depress me to the point of not wanting to workout, because then the scale has won the battle.  As long as my 'want' and 'desire' is still here, I'm going to try to do something, anything to keep me from falling further down the hole.

Jun 13, 2014

Not so Fit Friday....

Not so Fit for a Friday.....but I'm going to be jumping back into this journey as much as possible,
 and I think confessing posting will help push me along.
Fitness Friday

Thanks to Aubrey, and her oozing motivational linkup, I have the push to talk about what I've learned this past several weeks.

1. I actually miss working out.  Dare I say, I even miss my 4am alarm clock? Sssh...don't tell Hubs, because he has commented about the lack of the alarm.  Sorry bud, but it needs to return ASAP for all of our well-being.  I'm far more cranky and exhausted since NOT working out. Ironic, isn't it?

2. I mention the 'crankiness' above, and it could be due to several things going on, but whatever the cause, I don't like who it has turned me into.  I'm turning into the mama that I don't like with my quick temper and frustrations.  You see, with that 4am alarm and upwards of 800calorie burn days?  I'm like completely zen in the evenings. 

Much cheaper than the happy pills, right?
(not that I'm going to quit any happy pills...hehe)

3. Back in the day, this blog schedule included Tuesday recipes for my "On The Table" series.....it feels like forever since I got to really truly cook at home.  Since putting the old house on the market and having to keep it in show ready status at all times, I limited my cooking to the grill and quick and easy meals if at home.  We bought store bought rotisserie chicken and such, trying to be good, but that went out the window for the last three weeks while living in boxes. 

What I did learn (other than the old fat-girl fastfood love is still there) is that my body is not used to it anymore and I feel like crud.  Despite the addictive pull of repeated Texas favorites fastfoods, my stomach has not been happy.  My IBS has flared pretty badly this past month, my migraines could also be associated with these wonderfully tasting but bad for me foods.

4. My sugar intake has also skyrocketed again. I successfully did a chocolate fast that lasted 28days, I tiptoed back into a small piece on day29, then the chaos of #3 jumped into the mix and I've been in a chocolate induced snacking frenzy.
Yes, Morpheus, I know....I know.

So this weekend is the final push to get the new house completed. We are currently at about 90% set up, so by Sunday I hope to be able to meal prep and re-start my chocolate fast.  I would say that I'll have my 4am alarm set for Monday morning, but.....Sunday may be a late night :)


Have a wonderful weekend ladies!!!!

Jun 12, 2014

"Fat Amy" spilling it.

Hey all, April is still a slacker with her new house and stuff, 
so this is "Fat Amy" keeping you smiling.
and to spill on what her deal is.

She is a busy mom who has taken on way too much for the last couple months.
She's a kickass at it, but sometimes even rockstars need a break. 
I should know....
but back to April.

A 4am workout mama
fulltime worker
fulltime mama
staged and sold a house in 6days.
packed and moved said house.
closed on the new house and was out of old house, cleaned and done 100% within 36hours.

All the while still dragging her ass on her own health crap.

For nearly four months the chick has been suffering.
So I did what any kickass gorgeous friend would do.

I insulted her and guilted her into going to the doctor again.
 Pretty much.

She's determined to kick its ass...whatever the heck is making her a raging hormonal word.
I mean it, she's been a royal eheh!
with everything going on in addition to her sinus-migraines-allergy-fiasco whatever it is.

She's around but not mentally 100% to be posting and chatting and stuff.

Let us all hope some cute doctor will load her up with some good drugs, help
and let her and her crazy ass get back on the treadmill
and blogging.


Jun 2, 2014

Stressful but oh so worth it....

This week I will be busy managing the house move.  Being raised an army brat and moving every couple years, I actually love the changes....but this move is by far the most nerve-wracking and stressful.

Let's just chalk it up to two kids who have to maintain school/daycare routines while we do this.

So, while I'm unpacking and adjusting to our new routines I will be MIA around my blog and all of yours.

In the meantime, feel free to follow along with my anxiety excitement of the move on Instagram.

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