Jun 23, 2014

April's Mid-June Reboot

Because it is already the 23rd of the month and I cannot afford to wait for a catchy July themed wakeup call.  Perhaps the threat of having to visit a nuerologist scared my brain into behaving, but I've had good days since Friday.

That is three entire days headache free. 
A first in four months!!

So what does this girl do?

Saturday I started removing my carbs again. 
 Not a full sugar detox, but the easy stuff first:
Saturday breakfast was oatmeal for the family = I scrambled a quick egg.
Sunday breakfast was breakfast tacos = I skipped the tortilla and got to have extra turkey bacon.

The only carbs I've had through the weekend were natural ones:
a serving of homemade potato salad (not perfect)
fresh corn added to my big green salad

oh yeah...the coffee creamer.
This is going to be difficult to curb, but I hope to try my black tea tomorrow instead to get my caffiene in but eliminate the carbs.

June Reboot Details
I know several of us think of our weeks as Monday-Sundays,
(because we all know diet and routines are easier to start on Mondays, am I right?)

This self-imposed "Reboot" is for two weeks, today (6/23) to the 4th of July.
This mission has two weeks, with two sets of goals to help me transition back to MYSELF.

  • 50g carbs/daily to help break the craving cycles
  • working out at lunch, goal is 3 days this week.
  • on non workout days, hit the GOAL on my PolarLoop (which currently is about 13500 steps/day)
  • hit 80oz water

  • 50-75g carbs/daily
  • working out at lunch 4days
  • hit 100oz water

If my head stays solid and clear, these two weeks will bring me to the July 4th weekend.

I meet the nuerologist on July 7th, in which I hope we can just call it moot and move on.

And then??
I get my ass back up at 4am at least three days a week.  I'm taking this as a baby step, because whatever this headgame thing is, it exhausts me when it decides to freak out on me.

** I know that several people do not adhere or endorse low-carb plans, this is what works best for my body. I need the cold-turkey removal of carbs and sugars to help stop the vicous cycle of cravings. This is MY plan based on my body's history and needs. **


  1. I feel sooooo much better when I'm not eating gluten, which most of the time for me, ends up being a low carb diet. I hope the reboot works for you! Fingers crossed :)

  2. Excellent plan! So glad the headaches are better!!!


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