Jun 12, 2014

"Fat Amy" spilling it.

Hey all, April is still a slacker with her new house and stuff, 
so this is "Fat Amy" keeping you smiling.
and to spill on what her deal is.

She is a busy mom who has taken on way too much for the last couple months.
She's a kickass at it, but sometimes even rockstars need a break. 
I should know....
but back to April.

A 4am workout mama
fulltime worker
fulltime mama
staged and sold a house in 6days.
packed and moved said house.
closed on the new house and was out of old house, cleaned and done 100% within 36hours.

All the while still dragging her ass on her own health crap.

For nearly four months the chick has been suffering.
So I did what any kickass gorgeous friend would do.

I insulted her and guilted her into going to the doctor again.
 Pretty much.

She's determined to kick its ass...whatever the heck is making her a raging hormonal word.
I mean it, she's been a royal eheh!
with everything going on in addition to her sinus-migraines-allergy-fiasco whatever it is.

She's around but not mentally 100% to be posting and chatting and stuff.

Let us all hope some cute doctor will load her up with some good drugs, help
and let her and her crazy ass get back on the treadmill
and blogging.



  1. (((HUGS))) Its no suprise since you've had so so much on your plate lately! Here's to life calming down for you and things settling down asap!


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