Jun 25, 2014

Mommy bag to the rescue!

I was so excited, a few weeks ago I got the awesome news that I was going to receive my very first VoxBox of goodies to chat about with the blogworld.
But had to finangle the box to be delivered to an alternate address while I was moving, enter good ol' mama :)

Guilt was horrible in that I couldn't even pick up my box or get the box to me for almost three weeks! I was moving, then my mama was out of town? Geesh, so much for being a grateful person??

This past Saturday I finally had a moment and excuse to drive down to San Antonio to pick up my box attend my niece's birthday party and visit with my mom.

It was a very nice party, I can bet that anyone not living under a rock can guess what the theme was for the 3yr old birthday girl? ahem....hint?
LittleOne had a blast with the jumpy house and bubbles, but we ended up with an accidental mishap when the pinata came out. I mean how can you not get excited to be 3yrs old and swinging around a stick at innocent parents standing nearby?  She was jumping up and down but seems she scraped the back of her legs on the exposed concrete of the patio.  It looked worse than it was when she received gasps from the other parents as it looked like blood trickling down her calf.

No worries, it wasn't nearly anything to set the party in a panic.  We got to the bathroom to clean it up and found it was simply three little scrapes, nothing a little Neosporin and a cute bandaid (or two) couldn't fix.

and for once, this mama actually had some Neosporin on hand! (I'm notoriously not stocked for emergencies, I failed diaperbag 101)  Coincidentally before heading to the party, I got to finally pick up my purple VoxBox and had read online that one of the products was in fact Neosporin!

A quick dash to the car and me ripping open the box, I lucked out and was right!
Tucked inside I found the new Neosporin "Neo to Go" ready to roll for such a situation!

Seriously, what are the odds? (100% honesty here!!) I got back to the party and another mom saw what I had in my hand and remarked that it is awesome, no stickiness and it sprays nicely.  She was right, LittleOne stood still and I was able to get the three scrapes in two simple presses and she was off and running around in the yard again.

Sprays?? why are we just now thinking of this?? I didn't have to wash my hands or use a babywipe to clean up my finger from having to touch the typical tubes, or waste one of the sample squeezers.

This stuff has now made it to my purse! Not just the 'kiddo' bag I keep and always forget in the trunk of the car, but my everyday purse, because frankly I'm the biggest clutz in this house anyway.

I can't wait to get to try out the rest of the products in the TLCVoxBox! 

*as stated above, I received the VoxBox because I am partnered with Influenster for honest reviews of sample products.  This product was given in exchange for my honest opinion and experience.*

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