Jun 13, 2014

Not so Fit Friday....

Not so Fit for a Friday.....but I'm going to be jumping back into this journey as much as possible,
 and I think confessing posting will help push me along.
Fitness Friday

Thanks to Aubrey, and her oozing motivational linkup, I have the push to talk about what I've learned this past several weeks.

1. I actually miss working out.  Dare I say, I even miss my 4am alarm clock? Sssh...don't tell Hubs, because he has commented about the lack of the alarm.  Sorry bud, but it needs to return ASAP for all of our well-being.  I'm far more cranky and exhausted since NOT working out. Ironic, isn't it?

2. I mention the 'crankiness' above, and it could be due to several things going on, but whatever the cause, I don't like who it has turned me into.  I'm turning into the mama that I don't like with my quick temper and frustrations.  You see, with that 4am alarm and upwards of 800calorie burn days?  I'm like completely zen in the evenings. 

Much cheaper than the happy pills, right?
(not that I'm going to quit any happy pills...hehe)

3. Back in the day, this blog schedule included Tuesday recipes for my "On The Table" series.....it feels like forever since I got to really truly cook at home.  Since putting the old house on the market and having to keep it in show ready status at all times, I limited my cooking to the grill and quick and easy meals if at home.  We bought store bought rotisserie chicken and such, trying to be good, but that went out the window for the last three weeks while living in boxes. 

What I did learn (other than the old fat-girl fastfood love is still there) is that my body is not used to it anymore and I feel like crud.  Despite the addictive pull of repeated Texas favorites fastfoods, my stomach has not been happy.  My IBS has flared pretty badly this past month, my migraines could also be associated with these wonderfully tasting but bad for me foods.

4. My sugar intake has also skyrocketed again. I successfully did a chocolate fast that lasted 28days, I tiptoed back into a small piece on day29, then the chaos of #3 jumped into the mix and I've been in a chocolate induced snacking frenzy.
Yes, Morpheus, I know....I know.

So this weekend is the final push to get the new house completed. We are currently at about 90% set up, so by Sunday I hope to be able to meal prep and re-start my chocolate fast.  I would say that I'll have my 4am alarm set for Monday morning, but.....Sunday may be a late night :)


Have a wonderful weekend ladies!!!!

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  1. At least they start earlier on Sunday night! Really crossing my fingers!


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