Jun 27, 2014

Re-boot compromised....

It is Friday people!!!

I swear the longer the week feels are the same weeks that you look back and say 'what the hell did I get done?' with a smidge of guilt for the work stuff, but then realize it is the weekend and we are forbidden to think of work on days that start with "S"?

This week has been educational to me, it was officially training for work that I was told would be difficult for people without any programming or coding experience. I figured I could fluff my way through it.

Guess what? This old dog apparently truly did teach herself basic HTML and coding thanks to blogging and some vbulletin experience.  Don't get me wrong, there are gobs of graphic and HTML pros under every pebble on the beach.  The training was fascinating in that it was ensuring your site/blog/publication is coded correctly for visually impaired readers who use screen reader technologies.

While it isn't a target audience most people think of professionally or bloggily (whichever) I do have a soft spot for accommodating others. I have hosted an intern from the hearing impaired community for two years. She was a sweetheart who tolerated two years of my basic finger-spelling and note writing.

Three days of training and not having access to my office stocked with 'my' foods. 
No fridge access for 'my' lunches, 
no place to store my water bottles (I carry 100oz everyday *watersnob*). 
No opportunity to walk laps
No cardio class at lunchtime
 My reboot was tested from day two!

 My first week of my "Mid June Re-Boot" isn't quite complete, but I'm pleased with how I'm feeling already. I will post a full recap on Monday (which sorta sucks since weekends are the hardest, right?)

Have an awesome weekend ladies!
 Dance your arsses off!!

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