Jul 22, 2014

Love your Body Challenge

This past week has been rather deep around here. 
Yeah, an odd place for me or this blog! 
I have to blame Val and Meg for last week's #loveyourbodychallenge on Instagram and their quest to get other chicks to post their body parts on the interworlds. 
Smooth move there, ladies, I see what you did here.

Anyone around these parts know I don't post my picture too much, call it lazy or paranoid, whatever the reason I just don't. I'm still very self-conscious, despite a 60lb transformation and refocus onto myself. I internally can say 'hey, I'm not fugly or anything, nobody should run away when I walk into a room'....but the modesty in me still thinks that would be shallow or pompous to even let those ideas float into my head.  Perhaps too many years of self-depreciation? 

For those who didn't notice the challenge or are under a rock without Instagram, I thought I'd share my messages:

Day 1 
"Smile or laugh lines? aka wrinkle lines.  I've had mixed feelings for these lines. I never had them before losing weight. Weightloss removes the swelling and filler in the face, result is that my age shows.  
But I have learned to love these lines as a reflection of my humor and outlook on life to just 'smile and wave.'

Day 2
"I was lucky tog row up with good skin. I always thought it was a backhanded compliment about 'pretty face' (on a fluffy body) but now I'm damn lucky. 
 Wrinkles and all."

Day 3
"What used to be called breasts, boobs, tatas are gone.  Weightloss and babies does that to some of us.  But I wouldn't change a thing. I have two healthy kids that I personally sacrificed for with their nourishment.  
This isn't about nursing, this is me loving what my body has done and why it is what it is."

Day 4
"Love and am grateful to have the health I do have.  Even if it isn't perfect, I love the fact that I have the ability to put shoes on two feet and a heart healthy enough to keep me moving everyday. 
 Love a body part? I'm being grateful for the imperfect body I have."

Day 5
"Reunion time.  Senior picture from 1994 and tonight.  It only took me 20 years to find my confidence and comfort in my skin.  
Still not big on smiling, but I'm not avoiding or running from cameras tonight"

Day 6
"I may be pale but I felt just as awesome as my skinny friends.  That and knowing that I can run circles around them being more fit.  
 I may not be as small as others, but I am strong and healthy."

Day 7
"I originally was going to post about my eyes like so many othe rgorgeous ladies in the challenge, but I got the best compliment tonight from the 10yr old:
"You are one of the pretties moms I know." so I may have to end the challenge by listening to my son
 and try and love all of me."

The  challenge may be over, but the message did get through.  
Did anyone else participate or learn something about yourself during it?


  1. "You are one of the prettiest moms I know." ....SO SWEET! Hope the reunion was fun!


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