Jul 8, 2014

Mid-June ReBoot Week2 Results

I was pumped and so excited to recap my Week2, I felt awesome and knew I stuck to my plans.

Let's recap the original ReBoot plan:

  • 50g carbs/daily to help break the craving cycles
  • working out at lunch, goal is 3 days this week.
  • on non workout days, hit the GOAL on my PolarLoop (which currently is about 13500 steps/day)
  • hit 80oz water 

Results for Week1 was a loss of 3.8lbs.
Call it bloat, water, whatever...I felt back in control and my stomach was happier.  

  • 50-75g carbs/daily
  • working out at lunch 4days
  • hit 100oz water
Results for Week2 was a maintenance. No loss, but no gain either.
No gain over a five day holiday from work?
Five days of kids eating schedule and vacation type settings?
Five days with an open pantry and fridge?

Yes, this was a win.

The hardest part of the last week was that Friday and Saturday involved four soccer matches to keep up with. That's a lot of game watching!! (Good thing we aren't drinkers right??ha!)

Although many Americans don't watch or understand the craziness of WorldCup, and if you missed the USA game last week, I'd like to take a minute to remark on the historic game played by Tim Howard.

Tim is our goalkeeper and he personally had a historic game in part thanks to the craptastic defense of our US team.  He single-handedly (okay, technically double-handed) prevented 16 shots at goal keeping us alive in the game until the end.  His game and recordbreaking 16blocks , likely his last WorldCup appearance will remain in the records of futbol everywhere for quite some time (prior record was 9 goal blocks.)

So to you Tim:
"Good game"

Don't worry my friends, this will likely be the last WorldCup related post.
To make all this WorldCup talk more bearable for any non-soccer fans,
I give you a parting gift again.

Messi (Argentina) and our pretty boy favorite.

Seriously the man just gets better with age.

Perhaps the IG celebration of #MCM should work its way into my Monday posts?  
any excuse to look at gorgeous men works for me.


  1. All that soccer talk was lost on me until I saw DB's gorgeous face. Le drool.

    Good week even with all the speedbumps! No loss is better than a gain!

  2. Tim Howard is AMAZING. I couldn't believe his performance. Such an exciting game to watch, even though the outcome sucked. It did make me feel better that Germany scored 7 goals on Brazil's keeper and only 1 on Tim :)


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