Jul 29, 2014

On The Table: RetroWW meals

Since this my version of "RetroWWweek"
 I thought I'd bust out my old favorites for the week's menu.

On Sunday I recruited Hubs to help....the man cannot let me use his smoker without his overtaking of the meat supervision (plan success!)

Sunday - Smoked chicken with sautéed zucchini and a green salad. 4pt
Monday - Breakfast tacos (omelette for me) 5pt 
Tuesday - Meatloaf with corn on the cob and salad (broccoli for me) 6pt
Wednesday - Veggie and smoked chicken frittata 5-6pt
Friday - Leftover night

Not true official WW recipes other than the official chimichangas,
but the rest are meals the family enjoy and I can easily adapt for my needs.


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