Jul 14, 2014

Reality check weekend

Woah....this past weekend was a whirlwind that ended up with a slap of reality hitting me hard.

Not only was it my son's birthday. It was his 10th birthday, a double-digit child??  That means I've actually aged 10years. I finally accepted that fact that yes, I have to admit to having a 10year old kidlet.  I have to admit that despite working out and getting my walk on enough for an average of 130% of daily activity, I made the decision to treat the birthday boy to a cookie cake.

Big mistake.

But then??  This also got thrown at me this weekend.
(Yes that means I'm too old to be blogging, oh well.)

So this week has got to be spot on diet wise, right? I mean I can look awesome by Friday night right?

Call it peer pressure, guilt for becoming a busy working mom, or an anti-facebook non-oversharing person, but I succumbed to the the personal phone calls and harassing texts from the few that I actually do still care about.

And while I'm not a FB posting fool, the rest of the world is.....and I'm a voyeur.

Happy Monday everyone!!
Or to me its more like Happy 5 days left to look friggin awesome 
before revisiting all the old frenemies friends.

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  1. LOL aww that does sound like a rough weekend. And I'm right there with you except my 20 year reunion was 2 YEARS AGO! GAHHH!
    Good luck and have fun and don't do like Romy and only eat gummy bears and candy corns!


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