Jul 10, 2014

The "Pink Stuff"...not blue or yellow, PINK!

Let's just knock this out of the way.

Yes, it causes cancer in rats if you basically make their blood concentrated with aspertame/sucralose/saccharin/coffee/love/eggs/cuddles/etc.  They will likely get cancer and die if you give them enough of water or anything, so I will take the cautionary tales with a grain of salt.

Everyone dies

I am not going to spout off about the chemical makeup and breakdown of artificial sweeteners, I am not a chemist or nutritionist, but simply a reasonably intelligent woman who has survived this long.

We all know the good and bad, and have already made our decisions if we are going to use whichever brand of whatever we want or not.
The pink stuff.

Why go with the classic fake stuff?

Oh just a little thing called hives and intense swelling that took me
 a full week to connect the dots.

If you recall, for the first week of my "Mid-June ReBoot" I shrunk my carb intake down to a piddly 50-75 carbs a day to curb the sugar cravings and get back on track?  Well the brilliant woman that I am decided to save a couple carbs from my coffee creamer by changing things up abit.

Big mistake.

So I switched from my CoffeeMate Bliss Vanilla with its 5carbs and normal ingredients....

To  the old classic CoffeeMate powder with its 
single carb and less than normal ingredients....


Despite the questionable ingredients, I did this knowingly.  I said 'so be it....I'll just add in the famous sugar free coffee syrups to get my vanilla sweetness'

Its all good, right?

For me? Yeah no....

I didn't think much of it, I mean what could a little splash of syrup and tiny amount of Splenda do to me?

Painful swelling.

So much for trying to save a couple carbs, huh?

Lesson I'm sharing here is to stick with what you know your body will tolerate.  My need for coffee and vanilla creamer far outweigh my warped body's reaction to chemicals that are 'same as sugar.'

Go on with your Splenda selves, 
I'll be over here with my pink stuff and loving my coffee and all its wonderful 5carbs.


  1. Wow I havent had any reactions to Splenda but thats scary!

  2. YIKES! Scary stuff. I love the fandom quote though lol

  3. I don't do sweetners very much, actually the only time I do have it is in a diet Pepsi (that I might have once a week at that) or what's in my Source Yogurt. I figure 1/2-1 teaspoon of real sugar or honey each day isn't going to kill me either. Life is too short and we can't give up the few things we enjoy... or what our body tolerates well!

    But scary that changing up a thing or two can have your body reacting like that!


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