Jul 16, 2014

Voxbox knows me too well....

 I mentioned it last month when I finally got to pick up my first ever VoxBox from Influenster and within 2hours had to rip open the box to be the good momma and have Neosporin  ready to roll with the emergency kiddo scrape.

Awesome collage from another VoxBox reviewer, Schnelle! Check out her take on the goodies too!

But I didn't get a chance to test out the other products until recently to give to some personal input about the goodies in the purple box.

Confessional time first:
1. We don't buy gas at Shell, so I was unable to take advantage of the Fuel Rewards program.  Sucks because we use a crapload of gas and the chance to get bonuses or earn rewards for spending my money anyway on the gas? I mean its not like I can stop buying gas, I live in Texas where everything is a solid 10minute drive. In Austin, multiply that by like 4.52 to plan your trip to the corner store.

2. If you've read my rants or food posts, you would know that two of the four people in this house are lactose intolerant. 'Girls can't have cowmilk' is what the 3yr old lucky girl thinks. #sadbuttrue 

So the 'boys' got the fun of testing out the Breyers Gelato Indulgences that I selected for them.  Okay, I confess I had to try a couple bites, I mean it looked amazing. Raspberry Cheesecake with graham crackers crumbles on top? The lactose discomfort was worth it....yes, it was that good.

So the rest of the box was awesome for me, it was like Influenster went out and
 searched for me specifically:

Clumsy chick?  
Yep, she needs to try that Neosporin to Go 
which has now been successfully kept in the purse and used four times in a single month?
 yep, I'm their girl!

Allergy prone chick? 
 geesh, give that girl some classic Ivory soap that doesn't have any allergens!
**This chick was smart enough to make laundry soap with it. I'll share that later though**

Allergy and asthma riddled LittleOne? 
 Puffs Tissues baby! 
Can't go wrong, other than adding another package to the bottom of my purse or bag that gets forgotten until you change purses and find four different mini-tissue packages half full.

Clumsy, allergy prone chick who happens to be old as dirt er aging?
(I mean like fine wine of course!) 
 Yep, they even sent me the new
Long name, but so far so good! I'm always leary of new facial products due to my sensitive skin, but I haven't had any breakouts or discoloration as of yet.  Bonus is that it does feel good and light on my face.

Despite being late with my reviews, I wanted to truly give my personal take on them all. I'm still loving everything and using it! A month later and I'm still using a facial product and not fallen out of the routine yet? That alone is a win!

Anyone else receive this box? 
Did you try the Raspberry gelato?  It was hard to choose just one flavor!

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