Aug 18, 2014


I've gotten a couple new followers recently, so welcome people!

As a gift, I give you a 'cup of Joe' this fine Monday morning....
You're welcome

I was a superwoman this past weekend, and thought I'd kick off this week with something more informal than my run down of how awesome I was #sarcasmfontneeded.  So why not jump into a new linkup to have some fun.

Thinking about // how I probably shouldn't share my boyfriend with everyone online?  Ha. Seriously I'm just thinking about how school starts next week and it will my son's last year in elementary (5th grader!) and that this time next year I will have a middle-schooler? woah.

Reading // a friend of a friend's final draft of his book before passing it on to a potential agent. I have struggled with this reading due to some perspective issues and depth or lack of depth in the characters. But since he is a friend of a friend, I'm not sure how critical to be or if his intended audience is less critical than I am.
Listening to // silence is golden more often than not for me lately.  My hearing is heightened right now and rather painful on migraine days, the idea of ear buds or music just makes me cranky.  This makes my treadmill runs more difficult lately for sure! I do listen to music though to drown out the drumming of the treadmill belt, I figure that constant pace would be more triggering than music.
Watching // I just started watching New Girl on Netflix.  I'm only about five years behind most people on tv shows. I typically don't watch much television, maybe one episode of DoctorWho or NewGirl once a week?  I have too many things going on to relax, or maybe I just don't know how to relax.
Thankful for // health insurance and prescription coverage.  Really! Last week I remembered that our annual deductible for prescriptions starts over on 9/1, so I called in about four scripts to get to delay that onset just a tiny bit longer! ha!
Enjoying // that I finally got to start working in my craft room this weekend. Since moving I've been focusing on the public areas of the house and the functional stuff, but I had to sew something for a baby shower today and it felt awesome again.
Photographing //
gender neutral burpclothes for shower today
Feeling // pretty good today so far, which is a blessing that I will take.
Making me happy// that my little stinkerpot had a dry diaper this morning!!  I need to rip the bandaid off and let her wear panties at night and get this over with once and for all.  She's physically ready, but I think she's just milking the convenience most days. 
Loving // meeting new people everyday lately.  This blogging thing comes in waves so I want to say thank you to anyone who is just joining in with me, and a special thank you to those friends who randomly found me awhile ago and keep coming back.

and look, I remembered to share with you a #MCM this week!


  1. Yikes that's a tough call about the book read. I'm not sure what I'd do in that case. Glad you had a great weekend and having a awesome day so far! Don't forget... DOCTOR WHO COMES BACK THIS WEEKEND!!! :) And they are having many many marathons on BBC America.

  2. Hey linking up and I'm happy to meet you! That's nice of you to do review your friends book! I don't think it would hurt to ask the author what kind of review he is looking for: line edits, overall ideas, character development, etc. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I got to chat with a friend that helped me solidify my plan about the reading. Now I just have to sleep on it and write up a tactful response and opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by!!


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