Aug 11, 2014

Eat this, not that! No wait...maybe?

I have been skipping Mondays lately, not out of laziness (okay maybe partially) but more because of my waivering or flipflopping methods in my journey right now. 

One month I'm low-carb.

and the next I'm WWing.

I even tried IIFYM this year as well.

I don't know what will work best for others, I can't even figure it out for myself.  I know that I struggle to figure out my food issues. Not just the warped relationship with food itself, but my body's decision to revolt and arbitrarily decide one day to the next what will be allowed or not.

Last month's Retro-WW was fun and I loved the routine, but this time around my body was not happy.  My IBS flared dramatically and I noticed an increase to the new migraines (that may be just coincidental) but I felt like crud overall.  In response to the struggles I ended up with, this week is back to basics with simply protein and veggies. Simple carbs, but no more WWfiber rich related foods.

Polar results for last week?
Monday - 252%
Tuesday - 161%
Wednesday - 85%
Thursday - 141%
Friday - 104%
Saturday - 84%
Sunday - 100%

*Saturday and Sunday both has three hours of unreported pool fun with the kids. So I would have shown more if I wanted to the test the waterproofing of the PolarLoop but I opted to just have fun with my family.

Instead of focusing on my health and stomach problems, I tried to relax and enjoy my family this weekend.  Why?

"Because mommy is pretty and funny"
(quote from the 3yr old genius!)


  1. Gosh, I hear you friend. I've tried it all. And sometimes I just have to do something new for a period to bust out of a rut. Sorry your IBS flared up! I'm eating less carbs on WW now that I'm incorporating more Paleo stuff into it, but I still am a carb monster. :)

  2. Awww what a sweet quote from the little one! Sorry you are still struggling with the headaches and ibs though. :(


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