Aug 5, 2014

On The Table: Carne Guisada/Asada

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I am shocked that I haven't shared this one before, but last night while I did the prep work for today's crockpot meal I couldn't help but get excited.

Is it bad to get excited 20hours in advance of a meal?

A low-carb, crockpot bowl of meat? and its Tex-Mex?

The truth is that this recipe is one of my favorites, but I don't make it often enough.  I could eat it weekly, but the lazy factor comes into play on this one.  Despite it being a crockpot meal, it does require prep work the night before. It is more annoying than anything, but I always close my eyes while eating it and remark that it is worth it!

Crockpot Carne Guisada
(meat with gravy for any non-"spanglish" speakers)
Inspired by the jailbird queen herself, Martha Stewart 

2lb chuck roast, cut into 1inch square pieces
1 large white onion, half chopped small and half sliced thin
1/2 jalapeno, seeded and chopped fine
3-5 small red, yellow or orange peppers (we prefer the petite peppers in this one rather than one large green, but that is fine if easier to keep on hand)
5-7 cloves of peeled garlic minced
vegetable oil
1-2tsp ground cumin
1/2tsp cayenne  powder
1 tsp paprika 
1/2tsp oregano
2tsp of chicken bouillon (or use stock)

4tbsp of flour (I use corn starch instead)
14oz can of petite diced tomatoes

The night before:
1. cut the vegetables and set aside in a bowl
2. cut the meat into 1inch cube sizes and sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper
3. using the vegetable oil (generously) sear the sides of the meat. It took three batches to get all the meat seared. Don't cook too long, simply brown the edging.
4. Remove the meat and place in the crockpot bowl or tupperware to refridgerate.
5. In the same skillet, stir in the cut vegetables and cook to al dente.
6. In a small spice bowl, mix all the listed spices together. I use a loose chicken bouillon to incorporate better here with the cornstarch and spices.
7. Once the vegetables are cooked to a glossy shine and tenderness, stir in the dry spices and cornstarch.
8. stir and allow the browned remnants in the skillet get scraped up in (use a wooden spoon)
9. slowly add the water in (so the sizzling hot onion doesn't fly out and hit your arm or clothes) and mix in to ensure no clumping of flour/cornstarch.
10. bring to a boil
11. remove from burner and pour onto the bowl with the seared meat.  

Refridgerate the meat and sauce bowl overnight (or an extra day...even better!)
I highly recommend not doing this the same day. This allows the meat to incorporate the sauce and the flavor enhance in the gravy.

The morning of:
1. Insert the pre-filled crockpot bowl or dump the plastic bowl of goodness into your crockpot.
2. Stir in the 14oz can of diced tomatoes
3. sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste on top 
4. cover and set crockpot for 7hours LOW.

Serve with tortillas and fresh cilantro leaves.
Sour cream is sometimes added ontop as well.
or more julienned onions.
or jalapenos

I try to make a light side to go with it with a vinegar coleslaw for myself, and typically a spanish rice for the family.  This is yummy enough to eat as a stew instead of a taco to avoid the carbs.

So 3tbsp across 2lbs of meat? 
 Yep, that's the only non-vegetable carbs.

This is the Tex-Mex version you typically find in south Texas at least!
I found some variations out in the blogworld of other styles:
SkinnyTaste has a "Latin Beef Stew"  
Allrecipes has one that is "Puerto Rican Style" (with potatoes and beer!)

HomeSick Texan has great Tex-Mex style with beer also!  
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