Aug 22, 2014

Peer pressure...

I thought about bailing on this week's linkup, I feel like I don't have much positivity to report on.
But then I got a lovely reminder from Aubrey to get my booty writing and linking up.

ALG Uninterrupted

Peer pressure ya' works!

I have tried not to bore anyone too much with my venting/whining/bitching about excuses or hurdles.  That and ironically I am a semi-private person (for a blogger) and not wanting to give science lectures or sharing of medical information that I am having to quickly learn this past month. 

The short story is that I've learned that for the last three years having random CBCs and panels done and having each individual doctor remark on my low B and D levels was never truly investigated and now I finally have a doctor who wants to look at my health holistically.  Ironically? She's the neurologist.  For now all I can keep thinking is....

I'm pretty darn fluffy for someone who is malnourished or suffering from malnutrition.

Onto what I have accomplished this week!

Monday - 3miles (39minutes) I wouldn't call this a walk, I ran the first mile but the last two were speed walking on a massive incline.  My plantar started acting up.
10338 steps (not counting mileage)

Tuesday - Got to do 30minutes of a Jillian video during lunchtime but then got called from daycare. 13863 steps

Wednesday - sickday with the kidlets but I did hit my steps!
10236 steps

Thursday - slept in due to another late night with kiddos, but did a 30minute "Line Dance Cardio" video at lunchtime. Hilariously cheesy.
15570 steps

Friday - yep, I skipped my morning workout again :(  Today is HipHop Cardio though so I will be joining in at lunch to make up for it.

This was one of my lowest weeks in miles, but I didn't sit around either.  I'm slowly coming out of my antisocial mode and joining in my classes at lunch when my head is in the right place.

Overall my goals next week are to workout once a day. If I skip on my morning cardio, then I have to visit the lunch class.  I prefer my morning cardio, but I've had to listen to my body more lately and it is taking more recovery time (aka...more sleep)

How was your week? 
Did anyone try a new workout this week?  I need something to get excited about again!

fyi....join us in next month's accountability linkup!
Next week is the final week of August but that actually means it is the #GYSTS14 prep week!


  1. I am shy about taking group classes too!!! I haven't taken them in YEARS. I always feel like I want to, then I chicken out. And there are a few at lunch at the gym I go to that I should try. I'm glad you're listening to your body and getting some more sleep :)

  2. It's definitely intimidating joining group classes but just remember most people are there to focus on themselves. :)

  3. Oh my yes, I'm very shy with group classes. Although it's gotten better (tennis clinics help with that too and now that I've met a few, I know more people who do them). Good week but sorry about the PF flare up.

  4. I started phase 3 of Jamie Eason's 12 week program this week, and it's kicking my behind! I love group fitness classes...being competitive makes me try harder than I do on my own.

  5. I love group classes, but there aren't really any offered where I live. Good job getting steps in! Do you use fitbit? Add me if you like :)


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