Sep 12, 2014

Friday FAIL.

 Let me just call myself out first and foremost.

This month has been a total bomb.  A true bust.
We had a major project go 'live' on September 2nd that triggered said 'bomb' and I've been in cleanup mode.  Cleanup on something I got thrown into less than three months ago and now we've had a near catastrophe (business wise) and I am considered the "subject expert" 

So all of last week was madness.
This week until Wednesday was continued madness.
 and now I am breathing again.

I am fully aware of how craptastic the last 10days have been.  Project managers like to feed us junk to keep us chained to desks rather than escaping, so it was free donuts, cookies, burgers, pizza.
Because of the craptastic food I knew I had to keep moving!

Monday I was up and hit my 3.10miles.
Go me!
Then I somehow slept through my workout alarms? huh?
I rarely sleep through a single alarm, but two different ones three times each? 
 I figured it was my body telling me I needed, 
mentally and physically and gave myself an out for Tuesday.
and then it happened on Wednesday
and Thursday and today??

I checked and would double check my alarms, 
I turned the volume up....set it to vibrate and alarm...I triple checked.
And finally,
 four days later I realized how I was allegedly sleeping through six alarms for the last four days.

That whole 'blocking mode' was turned on.
It turned off alerts, notifications, emails, and ALARMS from 10pm to 5am.
So all my triple checking, volume increasing, paranoia was for nothing when it pointless.

I found the setting and changed it to end at 4am,
 so that my 4:09 and 4:23 alarms will resume next week.  

I have no excuses now that the project madness has shifted away from me.

So yeah, my Fitness Friday linkup?
ALG Uninterrupted
  Let's just call this a Friday post.

Obviously next week will be 100% improvement in food and fitness!
Go and check on the ladies who shared their GOOD week, because compared to this? 
Anything is better.

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  1. Ha! I love all the Chandler .gifs. That's why I'm paranoid about using my iPhone as an alarm. I still have an old school clock next to my bed that is prob 20 years old!


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