Sep 2, 2014

#GYSTS14: Goals

So this time last year I was prepping for the #GYSTS13 as an overzealous blogger and committed to some changes in September.

Guess things haven't changed too much because here I am blogging (still) and this week is Week1 of #GYSTS14.

This year I'm going to do a repeat of my coffee detox, for the same reason....creamer carbs.

Okay, so this post originally was a full breakdown of my creamer carbs. It's not horrible compared to many, but it all worked out to about 20% of my daily low carb counts. So truthfully compared to regular carb or iifym peeps, I'm still grand and my coffee creamer is perfectly fine.

I decided and ended up having to edit this post to be a realist.
Giving up coffee 100% this year isn't going to happen.
Now diagnosed with vestibular and auditory migraines, in which the doctor has given the green light to coffee or caffeine as my first line of defense, my coffee s now "medicinal"

But I will make an effort to opt for hot tea a couple times a week, deal?

So what are my main goals for #GYSTS14?

Mileage: 55
Chocolate: zero candy or chocolate chips. Syrup and cocoa are okay for protein smoothies only.

And I will be bustin out last years weekly workouts from Betty Rocker that (my "Fat Amy" blog series) as my "oh crap, I didn't get my 30minutes today" filler workouts.

So here we go people!
(Yes I started yesterday...just didn't get to post.)

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