Sep 22, 2014

Monday: Heavenly weekend regret

My weekend started as a welcome wonderful spoiling by the Hubs.

Having an international/intercultural exotic Hubs means on occasion when he gets the urge to cook, its the real deal and all the glorious yumminess!

On Saturday while I was upstairs cleaning through a migraine, literally just zoning out and going through the motions of mommy-duties, I overheard someone rummaging through my pantries and kitchen.

Hubs had a hankering for some legit couscous and veggies.

We ate that for lunch around 3pm.
Needless to say it was just a bowl of cereal around 8pm for the kidlets for 'dinner' and I just ate my protein icecream around 9pm to finish up my day.

Coucous is a pasta from semolina, so it is gluten all by its wonderful lonesome.  My favorite parts of the dish are the veggies, but you cannot avoid the micro balls of pasta whether you are purposely avoiding or splurging, whichever, couscous happens.

Not too bad, right?

Except that I didn't get to the grocery store on Saturday and we were down to bare bones for breakfast items. I mean we literally had one cup of Cow-milk as LittleOne calls it (she prefers her "nut-milk" anyway) and not a single solitary egg to be found.  That left breakfast options to cereal with said nutmilk, or dry which is my preferred method or its fruit smoothies for everyone.

Hubs was still on a roll with his cooking quest and spoiled us with rhaifa (or what the kids call "moroccan pancakes" because they flaky goodness served with honey and butter.

This website that I pulled the picture from? The Food Babbler also features a link for a youtube video to learn the process to make these glorious gluten pancakes of pain wonderfulness.

During the 40minute prep time for said rhaifa or msemen, he invites the parentals up for an early dinner around 4pm.

When the man cooks, he cooks!  I run off to the grocery store and get our weekly items plus a few things for his menu that he hasn't fully shared with me thus far.

I return and we get started working. I say 'we' because I end up a sous chef and cleaning as he goes because its like a tornado in my kitchen.

The main dish ended up as a whole chicken tagine with peas, carrots and potatoes.

But the indulgent item was the sidedish he actually made for my mom, she raves about it year round.  We made a double-batch of zaalouk, or eggplant salad. 

Honestly, the stuff is NOT photogenic at all.
photo and recipe found at
Looks crappy, but tastes like heaven on a cloud of bread.  You see the picture doesn't explain the problem with this glorious salad.

You slather this glorious concoction of smooshed eggplant and tomatoes onto bread.

I was looking for a photo to share, because we just pounced on the food as soon as it was on the table and I didn't get to snap a picture, but I lucked upon a great blog post about Moroccans and their love of bread.
Turns out this woman's blog (who I just found this morning! I'm still going through her archives!) is much like our family...other than the fact that our little family has no intentions of moving to Morocco, but perhaps a second home there when we retire and the kids have families of their own. 

Check out Maroc Mama , the post and recipe gives me hope that I can join in the moroccan food splurges more often.  (and she has no idea who I am, but she's already written out good posts and recipes and I'm a slacker, so why not point anyone interested in her direction!)

And then starting around 7pm last night?

My body violently reminded me why I cannot eat like this and why I could never be a true Moroccan with this sensitive pansy of a stomach/gut I have.

Last night was a tums and regret kind of night.
Today is like a carb hangover or something, 
because the nausea is still here,
 the cruddy gut, 
and of course a migraine to join in the fun.

Happy Monday to me.

The only redeeming thing from the weekend of gluttony is that between cooking and cleaning and regular housework I ended up racking up nearly 20k steps yesterday alone!



  1. Ack girl! Sounds like a tough weekend! Sorry about the food icks and the stupid migraine. Hope you feel better! Great job with those steps though!

  2. You poor thing!!! Is this a gluten allergy you're dealing with? Admittedly, I don't know anything about such issues, but I've at least heard that term. Hope you're better today! p.s. all the food looks DELISH.


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