Sep 10, 2014

The Tank has arrived!! #TracktheTank

You may have noticed in some of the coolest blogs in the land alittle friend of ours we call "Sparkly".  
Somehow I got in the loop with these real time bloggers, and frankly I love the journey and what this project represents!  Tia at Hands On, Pants Off & Candra at Camo & Lipstick came up with a great idea for a bunch of bloggers (including yours truly) to share our motivation for staying fit and healthy.  We are all taking our turns and sharing our stories when we receive this Sparkly tank from Ruffles With Love in the mail from the blogger that had it before us. The tank is literally traveling the country see, welp looks like at least half the country, but you get the picture!

We all take a picture or two of it (cause you know how much us bloggers hate that) and sign it, write a blog post about our personal motivation before we ship it on to the next lady on the list.  All I know is that I am glad I'm not further down the journey since rumor is that people are tossing in bonus goodies along the way. just sayin' The postage at the end of thing is definitely going to be more than when it started. 

 So go check out some of these gals as we all share our stories!
Angela @ Mean Ang
Jasmine @ Fleurty and Fit 
Valerie @ Fab Chick Gets Fit 
                Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire                     
Aubrey Leigh @ ALG Uninterrupted
**Yours' truly** April @ Overextended April
and then it is off to a new friend, 
Brandi @ Mama Laughlin
Tracie @ Tracie Everyday
Bailey @ Bailey McKenzie
and finally, Tia @ Hands On, Pants Off

So now that Tank has finally landed in Texas and with me to start the Texas tour, I almost feel like a Texas ambassador (don't worry, there are some real bloggers from Texas in the list above you might recognize) so I gotta represent!

The point of this fun tank journey is that it represents the journey we all go through when it comes to our health and fitness levels.  We call it a journey, but I often refer to it as a roller-coaster or game since when I envision a 'journey' it is a linear and flat image like pilgrimages or lost people in the desert.  This 'journey' called health is not linear or flat, it is the extreme opposite of it. We have twists and turns, and valleys and huge hills to climb over. And with hills come a slower pace, or twists that scare us.

But this isn't an optional joy ride.

What prompted me to stand in that long line waiting for my turn at the game?  What motivated me to even consider this 'ride'?

One of the reasons is shown above, but what triggered and what made my 'click' moment to change my life was my son's first birthday and he was a toddler running around at full speed climbing and jumping and getting into all sorts of mischief at playgrounds and such.

  And I was sitting on the bench. 
Not because I was busy with a phone call or distracted, 
I was just sitting and watching him live life....and I was 10 feet away.

It all click into action that I didn't want to be 'on the bench' just watching him play (and possibly need me) but I wanted to be 'in the game' and living life WITH my kids and not next to them.  That one kid motivated me into my original 60lb loss, a much healthier 2nd pregnancy, and now a future of living life to its fullest WITH my family.  
but now, what motivates me to keep going?

There will be a time when these kids are old and moved out and starting families of their own,
 and I plan to keep on moving and being April even after they stop calling me 'mama.'

So, ask yourself.....
are you ready to play this game of life, 
or just sit on the bench?

The tank is on its way to the other edge of Texas!!!
Keep up with us at #trackthetank on Instagram and our hosts, Tia and Candra!!

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