Sep 19, 2014

Try-ness Friday (aka...Fitness Friday)

ALG Uninterrupted

Last week was a craptastic fail, and this week I spoke up with what has been messing with my head lately, but I'm trying my best to kick that funk to the curb! (trying is better than nothing, right?)

I did meal prep this past weekend, so my food has been on the mark for breakfast and lunches.

Breakfast prepped was my scrambled egg with 1/2 piece of turkey bacon portioned up and all I have to do is pop them in the microwave for 30seconds.  I only make three days worth because the idea of eggs prepped five days in advance kinda skeeved me out. I'm not big on eggs, so this new breakfast setup surprises me!

Lunches this week was my ground turkey and green beans, which I drown in sriracha sauce after nuking it in the work microwave.

Working out was a bit better than lately as well.

Monday - 3.10miles run
Wednesday - 3.5miles run
Thursday - 35minute Brazillian Cardio Dance
Friday - 2mile walk (despite an ongoing migraine)

I feel remarkably better today than I did just 48hours ago on Wednesday.  Just knowing that I'm sore in all the right places and that I've given myself the time to work is letting me move back to normalcy (I hope!)

and since I've shared pictures of my food before, to avoid recycling pictures or taking duplicates since I eat the same things repeatedly, I figured some fun useless information to fill our brains is more entertaining.

Have a great weekend!!!

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