Oct 29, 2014

The Lone Lobster

I guess with it being nearly Halloween, I ought to fess up.

It's not a secret to those who see me on Instagram ...

Pale skin?
Avoids sunlight?
Avoids mirrors?
Control freak?
Minimal sleep required?

Yes, but I'm also a mom

This past weekend we finally took the kidlets to the beach. Oh it's only a four hour trip #sarcasm

I'm not a fan mostly because being out in the sun intentionally for long periods of time requires a lot of energy on my part. I actually have to set a timer on my phone for reminders for sunblock application.
 Luckily the kidlets were blessed with an enviable olive skin tone, 
however that means mom is the only lobster.

All is well for the kidlets, but I'm sporting a burnt scalp and the back of my knees.

Go Vamps!

and if you don't get today's themed gifs...

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Oct 23, 2014

[Product review] Are you feeling warm?

I purposely don't post too much of the Kidlet stuff on here, mostly because there are plenty of very educational and well written blogs/articles about parents of kids. I'm not one of those type bloggers....I'd much rather post funny geek gifs and whine about my thunderthighs.

 I'm just a regular mom blogger. 
I am just a mom who's had to learn as things have been thrown at me, whether it was RSV, infantile seizures, undiagnosed asthma for three years, then asthma maintenance and monitoring.  That was the easy kid.

With the winter or wet season coming up, yes, even in Austin, a single hour of a pleasant sprinkle classifies as rain. We take what we can get, and panic nonetheless to drive in it #sadbuttrue

With the allergy or weather induced asthma, I have to be very intuned with the kidlets and catch colds and sniffles very early on.  LittleOne has gone from no signs and to being hospitalized in respiratory distress within 48hours.  Needless to say, winters keep me on alert. 

Now I'm pretty good since dealing with Kiddo for 10yrs and now LittleOne for almost 4yrs, but even I sometimes turn slacker. Shocker, I know!?  So while I try to stay cool in front of the kids and minimize their colds or sniffles, the mom inside is raising the alert level to orange with every single cough that is heard.

For years now I've had a practice of venturing into toddler bedrooms to listen for coughing and breathing patterns, but also to check temperatures.  Overnights are always the most stressful for me especially in the new house where I cannot hear them as easily.

Healthy baby or not, I think every parent has tried to do this sneak attack with the thermometer, right?  sneak attack in the dark, and you have to swipe a forehead with a temporal thermometer or one that goes on the neck? Or even old school and you've shoved one in an armpit?  That's all fine and good, but when you question the reading (and have OCD) you end up repeating the test to verify the reading right? yep...average of three tests

I recently got giddy like (when you win a free coffee) and was selected (thanks to Influenster) to test out a new Braun thermometer.  They either found me by my OCD references or by the fact that I'm just like every other mom trying to keep a healthy house.

I received this about three weeks ago, and I am still amazed at how far technology has come just in the time that I've been doing this motherhood thing.  With Kiddo, the tall standup in the picture above was the newest and greatest at the time. A 'temporal' test that you swipe across the forehead and it beeps and flashes and whatnot.  At the time we left the hospital the first time from infantile seizures, we made the hefty investment of $79.99 because that was what the hospital used.

Then with LittleOne, we continued to use the temporal, again that is what the hospitals and doctors offices used but Hubs and I both would get frustrated at having to do repeat scans to get a valid reading because they were never the same. EVER.  So in the frustration, Hubs picked up the new one (blue on the left) which is similar but you place it under the earlobe for the reading.  Its good, don't get me wrong....but we all are in love with this new Braun "No Touch *silent* " thermometer.

  • It is no-touch.
  • and it has a mute button  (hello midnight sneak attack readings! yess!)
  • The large-font screen that displays the reading will also conveniently 
  • change colors from green to orange to red as the temp increases.
  • You can either use the no-touch option by placing it near the center of the forehead about two inches away, or if doing it on yourself can be used like traditional temporal by touching your forehead (no swiping required)

We all have played with it quite a bit and have not seen the erratic readings like we've been experiencing with our others.  Even with my preference to take three and average it, I haven't felt a need to double-check this one. 

Truly, this was easy enough that when LittleOne went for a sleepover at gramma's house, we sent it along in her bag because it was easy enough and I didn't have to demo it for my mom at all. I just said 'turn it on and LittleOne can do it herself or she will show you what button.'

*I received this product for testing and review in exchange for the product, thanks to Influenster Voxbox and Braun.*

Oct 22, 2014

Lesson Learned Mr. Cookie

Another Wednesday to link up with the gorgeous group with Ms. Liz for our Wednesday fun.
The Hump Day Blog Hop

I had yet another conference to attend yesterday
(Sept-Nov is new fiscal year so they squish them all in while everyone has money to spend).

That means I had yet another excuse to eat all the free breakfasts and snacks I could hoard. 
I mean that's what my M.O. is traditionally.
correction....FREE food.
*see my prior cheapskate posts.

But I didn't.
I bucked my own system.
I said I'm in my better mindset, and I made every effort to not sabotage myself.

Instead of going straight to the conference with visions of donuts or pastries and coffee dancing through my head, I prepared!
  • Prepped a breakfast protein shake at home and stuck it in the freezer to keep it cold until I was ready to drink it.
  • Stopped for coffee on the way so I could guarantee my MFP numbers of the size and ingredients in the coffee.
  • and three bottles of water (I don't typically drink public water = water snob)

And I did it!! I did good. Go me!

I made it until 4pm when I was leaving for the day and the coordinator rushes to me with three large cookies in her hand (seriously, each cookie was bigger than my head.) to take home to the kidlets.  I was timid to even touch them. Sweets in hand = not good.

And then life happens, stress, or being alone in the car with those cookies so close....
I ate one. 
The entire head-sized cookie.

Don't worry, not only did the mental guilt get to me, but my body joined in the fun and reminded me that I just can't handle the carbs or gluten, or goodness or whatever is the trigger.

Lesson learned Mr. Cookie.

*until next time....because I know its a weakness, 
I am not perfect and know that I cannot say 'never' again and be honest.

Oct 17, 2014

I got this, for 13days at least

I have to say that I feel so much more like my 'old' self again.

 Not the old-old self of being a lazy bummed person,
 but the 'old' self that was active and healthy and on a mission to change!

I started last week and regained my confidence that I am the one in control over this, not my crazy schedule, not my stupid migraines, just me and what I make of my daily choices.

Last week's overall average of activity worked out to be 124%.
Not too shabby with three days of migraines, right?

Oct 6-12
Mon - 121%
Tues - 74%
Wed - 201%
Thur - 71%
Fri - 248%

Last Friday I went partying hard and ran four miles at 10pm.
I'm cool like that.

So this week? 
I had a busy week with doctors' appointments, two days of migraines, cavity fillings (Kiddo, not me)
 and a full day geek conference on Wednesday. 
But I'm in charge again, not that cruddy schedule.

Oct 13 - 17
Mon - 239%
Tues - 72%
Wed - 104%
Thur - 60%

and today?
Friday - I'm at 178% and its only 2pm
thanks to that 5amclub 5K I ran this morning.

You can see where my migraine days were.  The low days are very obvious.
Last week I managed to lose bloat and extra for a total of 6lbs in 8days (Oct 3rd to 12th), I felt awesome.  I still feel awesome, but four of those pounds returned.

You know what though?  
I'm good because I am in a happier place, mentally and physically. 
 I feel smaller.
And for this control freak? 
 I feel like I'm back in control over what is going to happen to my body.

So, how have ya'll been doing this month?  
Pretty sure this is my first FitnessFriday linkup for October 
(so check out the other girls who are rocking along!)

[Giveaway] Citrus Lane Gift Box Subscription

Earlier this week I confessed, and it wasn't the first time.....
that I'm a total cheapskate.
I'm not ashamed of it most of the time...but then the holidays hit or a birthday or something that forces me to make or buy a gift. And buying gifts and being a cheapskate who hates shopping is a dreaded event, even when I do enjoy the smile that the recipient gives in thanks.

Don't get me wrong, I feel good when gifting and being part of a party or holiday exchange, but the act of driving to the store and selecting something for a certain person's likes and wishes and then narrowing that down to something I think is a value or a solid gift, yeah that's the 'shopping' experience I dread.

Thanks to a new affiliate partner (Mom's Affiliate) I found something to help with my holiday and gift buying dread.  A subscription box for kidlets!! Citrus Lane is  I have found my new go-to baby shower gifts!! woah...first birthday gifts showing up twice or three times.  I will be the most favoritest Aunt-friend-coolchick person that kid will ever have!  I mean, we as adults can't help but smile when we get our monthly Ipsy bag or Bulu box, right?

A gift that keeps on giving?
And I can do it from home?

Its a lucky Friday for anyone else who is like me!!
There is a giveaway going on this week!!
Check out Citrus Lane and their awesome toys and gift packages.
I love finding something new that parents or friends are like 
'I've never seen that before! where did you get it??'
(and then I don't tell them because its my little secret)

Its a quick turnaround, the giveaway ends early next week (Tuesday night midnight!) so if you need to think ahead for Christmas?? Hello? Can't hurt to try.

**Sharing this giveaway with you thanks to MomsAffiliate.com**

Oct 15, 2014

Confessions: Clothes

Alrighty, I have to fess up or reach out for help or something because things have GOT to change around here.  I've taken charge and making positive changes mentally and physically again and while I'm at it, I need to confess....
I hate shopping for clothes for myself
I think many women do who have had a lifetime of weight struggles.

But I hate shopping for myself not just because I literally have to try on five different sizes everytime I need anything meaning that a place with a limit of 8 or 10 items is me trying on two different things.  Its okay because we all know if I can actually find something that fits nicely and the size doesn't send me into a "raging lunatic" mode then I'd buy said item in all colors possible.

 Me, finding a pair of pants that fit...

Let me make it more complicated than the size cunundrum (thanks anti-booty fashion industry!) 
the fact that I'm the queen cheapskate of the universe.  
No denying it....its true.
I'm a cheapass who hates to shop.
Result? My bottom half is drowning in pants that are likely 2sizes too big and fading.

Do I need new work clothes? Yes.
Do I want new work clothes? Yes.
Do I feel like I deserve new work clothes? eh...not really. 
I'd rather buy new clothes when I lose this last 10-15lbs, 
you know those same 10-20, er 15 I've been trying to lose for three years now?

I need some help, some input from my fellow ladies who know what I'm talking about.

Where do you get your work clothes (business casual) at a reasonable price? 
 Any suggestions on slacks or pants for the bootilicious type?  
I have a small waist in comparison to my booty. 
 I'd say I'm a size medium, or a number...but the fact is 
yesterday my pants were a 10, today? 8,
 but tomorrow's pair (because I only have three pair of black pants to rotate with) are 12s. 

Where do you shop for work clothes?
Anyone want to let me shop out of their closet? ha....I'm joking.
(no I'm not.)

help a girl out....we all want to feel good in our clothes right?  

Have I confessed before that I think I have a girl crush on Sandra?
Her being cool and all, but she's an Austinite as well.  
that and, I'm still dreaming of the day I have her hair....

Oct 13, 2014

Dance and shout...its Monday!

Happy Monday ya'll!!! 

And what better way to bust open a new week of awesomeness than with "The Carlton"
 I don't even watch DWTS,  due to access and lack of control over the remote control. 

Last week I have to admit was spot on!

Let's just say that I maybe, just maybe found my mojo again.  So much so, that on Friday night after the kidlets were in bed and Hubs happened to be out? 
 Did I take advantage and sneak in some chocolate and one last episode of TrueBlood? 
Nope. (I had finished the TB marathon by Tuesday...)

Instead I found myself on my treadmill at 9pm on a Friday night.  Party animal aren't I?
And because of that commitment on Friday night, I got to enjoy some kid-free date night with Hubs.  We only get to be kid-free overnight maybe twice a year? Yesterday's "date night" involved a kid-free excursion to Sam's Club and dinner before heading to a movie. At a real movie theatre? woah.

As special of an occasion that it was, I tried my best with my dinner choice being a grilled chicken breast with double steamed green beans.
All the while sitting across the table from Hubs with this barbque plate
 of three different meats, pinto beans and corn bread. 
(boys and their damn metabolisms!)

It was a good 8 days of focus and determination.
The scale looked amazing on Sunday.
But I don't think I was 100% as good as I could have been so I opted to skip my weighin today.

but I didn't skip my 5am run though.
3.10 miles = 31.12 minutes

That sub-30 is on the horizon (again!)

Oct 10, 2014

Sharin' the love....

I know I have been far from any positive ray of sunshine the last several weeks, 
but I'm getting better about that and hope to resume my former attitude.  Until the past six months I've been the annoyingly cheerful person that is in your face at 7am.

And no doubt that I've had a great week but that is another post, 
instead I want to point my other sunshiney followers to another blogger
 who has been that ray of sunshine for me these last couple weeks!

No, not Giselle!
 I am talking about Desiree.
A completely random find, a needle in a haystack....

Desiree, or Des to me at least,  has unknowingly become an idol to me
 in not just a health/fitness inspiration, 
but to allow me to embrace and love my inner GEEK.

I think she found me first, but once I read her blog title....
I knew we were meant to be blog-besties!

I mean, who else can know with almost 100% certainty that on a random post that may include a gif or small reference that most won't get, that you know she will
  • Love or be one of the few that will smile at the unknown reference
  • And she will comment to encourage said references and gifs.

Des is plugging along with this journey to better herself, but she's not your typical treadmill or crossfit chick, she's using TENNIS as a primary source of fun and energy outlet! She posts some shots of her polar or heart rate monitor and she gets some serious burns going while playing a great sport!  I mean she just shared this side by side this week!

I mean, not only is she cool....but her cats' names are Odin and Loki. 

oops...wrong brother

If you haven't checked her out before, so see for yourself.

Oct 9, 2014

Blog "gossip"

Anyone notice where the Tank is this week?

A little blog you may have heard of before? 
#TracktheTank on Instagram

I know I've already shared my inspiration, and even though I'm in this group of amazing women,
I still need to look to them for continued inspiration to this day! 
I have tried not to be a downer but I've also been honest in that I've struggled lately, 
but what keeps me going and who keep pushing me to blog about this not-so-inspiring phase I'm in right now are these same people.

Instead of my normal FitnessFriday linkup with Aubrey at ALG, Uninterrupted I am showing my love of another inspiring woman that deserves some attention
or at least a 'thank you for being you' kind of message from me.

But next week?
"I wanna talk about me me me me me"

Oct 7, 2014

On The Table: "Reality-Check" Soup

Silly me, post something dark and gloomy.....no worries friends! 
I'm good. 
I'm not perky or perfect, 
but I'm making changes.

I think my last post was a combination of things, most notably was that Hubs has been out of town since Thursday and I've had more down time than usual and it gave me the moments to face my reality and face my thighs demons headon in solitude.

I posted my 'facing the music' feelings last week. I fessed up to my struggles and crappy excuses since May.  I am currently up 10lbs from where I was last year. Doesn't sound like much to most people, but when I'm not comfortable in my clothes, in myself?  That is what shoved pushed me to face the truth.  Not just a scale, but the reality that this year I've been put on three medications for random stuff, my brain not being in control of my body (or at least think it is), and my hips and butt deciding for themselves they would prefer to bust out of my clothes.

So yeah, it was a ugly but necessary reality check.

What's a girl to do?  Yep, I cooked! ha.

Friday night I made a pot of the classic WeightWatchers "zero point" soup.  
And it was amazing. 

If you haven't had it or heard of the official "WW-Zero Point Soup",
the real name should be "Vegetable Soup"
or in my case...
"Throw-all-your-non-starchy-vegetables-in-a-pot Soup"


April's "Reality-Check Soup"
  • 1 small onion diced
  • 16oz sliced mushrooms
  • 1/2 red pepper chopped large
  • 2 small yellow squash sliced in inch size pieces
  • 1/2 head of cabbage - bulky 1-2inch pieces
  • 1 tomato
  • 2oz tomato sauce - no salt (optional)
  • beef bouillon
  • water (of course!)
  1.  In a pot (I use my dutch oven) toss in your diced onions, peppers and mushrooms. Saute until the onions are transluscent.
  2. Add water and bouillon or stock, about four cups to start with. Bring to a boil
  3. Add in the chopped cabbage and squash. cover and simmer
  4. Puree, crush, smoosh or whichever to the tomato to add some depth to your stock. I used my emulsifier and blended to a liquidized tomato and add to stock.
  5. The tomato sauce was a splash leftover from the sloppy joes, but it likely helped thicken the watery broth.
  6. Simmer until cabbage and squash are to desired tenderness. (I like mine al dente)

And there I end up with my lunch and dinners for the weekend for my 'reality' weekend and refresh.

I still can't decide if its a good thing or bad thing that I have to fight my kids for 'my' food!? They steal my salads, egg muffins, and now my soup.

my new desktop background

Oct 3, 2014

a light in the cave...

I have a bad habit....well okay, I have several of them,
 but one of them happens to be that when I get in a dark spot...

I get quiet. 
quiet in person, quiet in thought, quiet in life.
For the last couple weeks I've been struggling, not just with my hectic schedule 
but with what feels like everything.  

I've been down.
I've been down for what feels like the entire year. 
and I'm not talking about the scale or my measurements.

I've been avoiding the scale since July.
I've been wavering between weeks of full on, and full off with my activity
I've been wavering with my diet with WW, lowcarb, increased protein, IIFYM, you name it. 
and even wavering in listening to the doctors' orders on what my body is supposedly lacking.

My commitment to myself has been wavering.

This week I've had to take a very hard look in the mirror and literally talk aloud to the April I see.

I sucked it up, braced myself....
 and stepped on the scale this morning

and I knew it was going to be ugly
but it had to be done.

And while I've dealt with this all day, I'm not quite ready to spell it all out.
My plans, my food, my activity or whatnot.
I haven't figured that part out yet other than 

to change

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