Oct 9, 2014

Blog "gossip"

Anyone notice where the Tank is this week?

A little blog you may have heard of before? 
#TracktheTank on Instagram

I know I've already shared my inspiration, and even though I'm in this group of amazing women,
I still need to look to them for continued inspiration to this day! 
I have tried not to be a downer but I've also been honest in that I've struggled lately, 
but what keeps me going and who keep pushing me to blog about this not-so-inspiring phase I'm in right now are these same people.

Instead of my normal FitnessFriday linkup with Aubrey at ALG, Uninterrupted I am showing my love of another inspiring woman that deserves some attention
or at least a 'thank you for being you' kind of message from me.

But next week?
"I wanna talk about me me me me me"

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