Oct 17, 2014

[Giveaway] Citrus Lane Gift Box Subscription

Earlier this week I confessed, and it wasn't the first time.....
that I'm a total cheapskate.
I'm not ashamed of it most of the time...but then the holidays hit or a birthday or something that forces me to make or buy a gift. And buying gifts and being a cheapskate who hates shopping is a dreaded event, even when I do enjoy the smile that the recipient gives in thanks.

Don't get me wrong, I feel good when gifting and being part of a party or holiday exchange, but the act of driving to the store and selecting something for a certain person's likes and wishes and then narrowing that down to something I think is a value or a solid gift, yeah that's the 'shopping' experience I dread.

Thanks to a new affiliate partner (Mom's Affiliate) I found something to help with my holiday and gift buying dread.  A subscription box for kidlets!! Citrus Lane is  I have found my new go-to baby shower gifts!! woah...first birthday gifts showing up twice or three times.  I will be the most favoritest Aunt-friend-coolchick person that kid will ever have!  I mean, we as adults can't help but smile when we get our monthly Ipsy bag or Bulu box, right?

A gift that keeps on giving?
And I can do it from home?

Its a lucky Friday for anyone else who is like me!!
There is a giveaway going on this week!!
Check out Citrus Lane and their awesome toys and gift packages.
I love finding something new that parents or friends are like 
'I've never seen that before! where did you get it??'
(and then I don't tell them because its my little secret)

Its a quick turnaround, the giveaway ends early next week (Tuesday night midnight!) so if you need to think ahead for Christmas?? Hello? Can't hurt to try.

**Sharing this giveaway with you thanks to MomsAffiliate.com**

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