Oct 17, 2014

I got this, for 13days at least

I have to say that I feel so much more like my 'old' self again.

 Not the old-old self of being a lazy bummed person,
 but the 'old' self that was active and healthy and on a mission to change!

I started last week and regained my confidence that I am the one in control over this, not my crazy schedule, not my stupid migraines, just me and what I make of my daily choices.

Last week's overall average of activity worked out to be 124%.
Not too shabby with three days of migraines, right?

Oct 6-12
Mon - 121%
Tues - 74%
Wed - 201%
Thur - 71%
Fri - 248%

Last Friday I went partying hard and ran four miles at 10pm.
I'm cool like that.

So this week? 
I had a busy week with doctors' appointments, two days of migraines, cavity fillings (Kiddo, not me)
 and a full day geek conference on Wednesday. 
But I'm in charge again, not that cruddy schedule.

Oct 13 - 17
Mon - 239%
Tues - 72%
Wed - 104%
Thur - 60%

and today?
Friday - I'm at 178% and its only 2pm
thanks to that 5amclub 5K I ran this morning.

You can see where my migraine days were.  The low days are very obvious.
Last week I managed to lose bloat and extra for a total of 6lbs in 8days (Oct 3rd to 12th), I felt awesome.  I still feel awesome, but four of those pounds returned.

You know what though?  
I'm good because I am in a happier place, mentally and physically. 
 I feel smaller.
And for this control freak? 
 I feel like I'm back in control over what is going to happen to my body.

So, how have ya'll been doing this month?  
Pretty sure this is my first FitnessFriday linkup for October 
(so check out the other girls who are rocking along!)

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  1. Great job with the working out and staying active! It's really hard to stay consistent with this weight loss stuff so I feel ya on that. I have the hardest time sticking to my diet. Anyway, found your blog through ALG Uninterrupted and thought I would comment. :)


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