Oct 10, 2014

Sharin' the love....

I know I have been far from any positive ray of sunshine the last several weeks, 
but I'm getting better about that and hope to resume my former attitude.  Until the past six months I've been the annoyingly cheerful person that is in your face at 7am.

And no doubt that I've had a great week but that is another post, 
instead I want to point my other sunshiney followers to another blogger
 who has been that ray of sunshine for me these last couple weeks!

No, not Giselle!
 I am talking about Desiree.
A completely random find, a needle in a haystack....

Desiree, or Des to me at least,  has unknowingly become an idol to me
 in not just a health/fitness inspiration, 
but to allow me to embrace and love my inner GEEK.

I think she found me first, but once I read her blog title....
I knew we were meant to be blog-besties!

I mean, who else can know with almost 100% certainty that on a random post that may include a gif or small reference that most won't get, that you know she will
  • Love or be one of the few that will smile at the unknown reference
  • And she will comment to encourage said references and gifs.

Des is plugging along with this journey to better herself, but she's not your typical treadmill or crossfit chick, she's using TENNIS as a primary source of fun and energy outlet! She posts some shots of her polar or heart rate monitor and she gets some serious burns going while playing a great sport!  I mean she just shared this side by side this week!

I mean, not only is she cool....but her cats' names are Odin and Loki. 

oops...wrong brother

If you haven't checked her out before, so see for yourself.


  1. Awwww April you are way too sweet and there is just way too much sexy in the post for me to handle (Marsden, Hemsworth AND Hiddleston! In one post!!!!)! Ahhhhhh!

    You inspire me too girl! I'm glad to have you as my bloggy buddy!!!

  2. I love Des! She's such good people :) And the more geeks that are out in the world, the better!

  3. Perfect! geeks unite!! Thanks for sharing Des! I love finding new blogs....am heading over to hers now. Happy Friday!


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