Oct 29, 2014

The Lone Lobster

I guess with it being nearly Halloween, I ought to fess up.

It's not a secret to those who see me on Instagram ...

Pale skin?
Avoids sunlight?
Avoids mirrors?
Control freak?
Minimal sleep required?

Yes, but I'm also a mom

This past weekend we finally took the kidlets to the beach. Oh it's only a four hour trip #sarcasm

I'm not a fan mostly because being out in the sun intentionally for long periods of time requires a lot of energy on my part. I actually have to set a timer on my phone for reminders for sunblock application.
 Luckily the kidlets were blessed with an enviable olive skin tone, 
however that means mom is the only lobster.

All is well for the kidlets, but I'm sporting a burnt scalp and the back of my knees.

Go Vamps!

and if you don't get today's themed gifs...

The Hump Day Blog Hop

1 comment:

  1. Tommy is very excited that at least Thomas appears not to burn as bad as his Daddy does. Jury's still out on Eli. Of course, who can tell with the way we lather them with sunscreen :)

    But both boys have an awesome farmer's tan from their daily playground time at school. :)


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