Nov 5, 2014

Holy moly miles! #potm2014

im piling on the miles 600x800 thumb Pile on the Miles 2014 
Seriously? I cannot believe it is November again already!
I recapped my 2013 POTM goals coincidentally on my 100th blog post last year!
I actually ran a 10k on the treadmill at this time last year.
Can I do it again? Not too sure...

Last year I stumbled onto the Pile on the Miles project with RunEatRepeat  and somehow miraculously accumulated 62 miles.
 Not total miles of walks or bike rides, but 62 miles of actual 100% full on RUNNING.
I set out for 60 for an average of 2miles everyday, and hit it.

This year? I think that is a lofty goal with my crazy work schedule,
but you all know I'm a competitive freak who is a glutton for punishment for the sake of goals.

If anyone else is interested in the possibility of a random prize for your miles and progress,
check out the original signup post with RunEatRepeat

I think I'm going to be reasonable with a goal of 45 miles due to my insane work schedule this month.

What about you?

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  1. WHOA! 62 miles last year is VERY impressive! I'm participating but I have a muuuuch lower goal, ha: 35 miles.


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