Nov 7, 2014

"Lovin" Fitness Friday

Thanks to the linkup shame....
I'm going to throw a double-whammy, or maybe a McDouble at  Aubrey today.

ALG Uninterrupted

I hinted earlier this week that I'm slammed at work, but trying my best with this whole 'healthy April' bit that is my norm, it is hard!  Blame it on the time change, work, exhaustion or what not, but this 4am wakeup for working out is getting super annoying and not exactly fruitful.

Monday - adjustment to new time
Tuesday - 2.5 miles (first 2.0 was 20:31! then cooldown for 0.5 = 26:03)
Wednesday - 2.5 miles (first 2.0 = 20:00!! flat! then cooldown for 0.5 = 25.21)
Thursday - 30min zumba
Friday - exhaustion set in and I rolled over to warmer spot in the bed and now I'm wearing the cone of shame.

Eating has been spot on (until today)...but progress has slowed to not let me venture into the 150's as I had hoped, but I have to be cool with the fact that I'm still on the cusp and not further away from it! Steady right at 162.2 this morning.

Now I just have to get through a weekend of camping
at the beach

If the Pam reference here is lost on you, I shared my issues with this 'beach' thing here before.
Now, the question is how the heck do I plan my low-carb snacks and keep the kids from stealing them!? I have no idea what I'll be doing for breakfast.


I had already planned on mentioning this doll to anyone who doesn't follow her, but lets just add an extra slice of cheese to this McDouble and send some blog love to Aubrey at ALG Uninterrupted.  Who happens to be the guru behind our Friday Fitness linkup and motivation!

Wanna know how I found Aubrey?
No, it wasn't that she is gorgeous and I saw her pictures on Instagram or another popular blog somewhere, but the solid truth? (which I've never told her)  I was working on my blog makeover (thanks to Hubby Jack) and I found her through his blog or clients or portfolio or something. ha!

I checked her out solely for the look of her blog and color scheme
Little did I know at the time was that she and I are oddly almost freakishly similar (despite her being gorgeous) with the two kidlets and fulltime working mama status.  She isn't the 22yr old single partying but fit girl or the 26yr stay-at-home Pinteresty-mom.  She is one of the blogs I most recognize with. 

Sure she may be a beautiful brilliant attorney-type of mama married to a cute other attorney-type daddy with two cute blonde kids, I mean I'm a married mama to two cute blondish-type kids and married to a cutie, but we both share our struggles with food, warped relationships with food and dieting and just the basic balance of it all.

If you haven't  noticed her, found her, read her or what not...

Just me in a lovin' mood today!

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  1. Aw! I might have to cry!

    Thank you so much, sweet friend, for this awesome post. :)

    And I happen to think you kicked butt this week. No cone of shame for you!

    Aubrey Leigh


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