Nov 24, 2014

On The Table: Thanksgiving Week's Menu

Anyone else finds this week more chaotic than a full week of work?
I'm finishing up this work project (light can be seen in this tunnel!!!), 
but I got Kiddo at home already bored from his break before 10am on Monday.
Add in that I have hosting duties in the new house for Thursday.
Which of course prompted this past weekend's painting spree, and of course
We all know when your grandma comes into town, you have to step up the cleaning a notch.

No matter all that, I thought preparing or planning out the week would be even more important! 
(to keep my sanity)
Yep! 1pm for us!

Why not a quick rundown of the menu plan for this Thanksgiving week?

Sunday: Chicken Fajitas
Monday: Meatloaf and roasted brocolli
Tuesday: Sausage and Cabbage
Wednesday: Grilled Salmon
Thursday: Thanksgiving of course!
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: (lunch) salmon cakes, (dinner) Turkey tortilla soup
Anyone have any good leftover Turkey recipes?


  1. I'm impressed that you have everything so planned out! I am hoping we can survive the week with what's in the fridge and pantry...fingers crossed!

  2. You're menu looks yummy! I had my side of the family over yesterday, so we're going to be enjoying left overs for a couple days (chicken wild rice soup, cheesy potatoes and shredded pork sandwiches). I am not cooking for Thanksgiving, so I won't have leftovers, boo...


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